Why Do Men Ignore Women And Why Is He Ignoring ME?

Why do men ignore women and why is he ignoring you?

Why do men ignore women? Ugh! It’s horrible, isn’t it?

You meet an awesome guy, the conversation is there, the chemistry is there, the connection is so strong it’s almost overwhelming. Everything is fantastic.

And then something happens…seemingly out of nowhere.

He simply disappears.

He stops texting. He stops calling. He starts to flake out on dates or, if you’re already in a relationship, he mopes around the house, ignores you as he passes you in the hallway, and hardly even makes eye contact.

Suddenly, it’s like you don’t even exist.

What’s going on? Why do men ignore women and why is he ignoring ME?

Why do men ignore women and why won't he tell you what he's really thinking?

There are many reasons men ignore women in relationships, but in most cases it indicates a problem. That problem leads to tension and resentment that causes a man to pull away and distance himself from the woman he is with.

To make matters worse, most men don’t like talking about their feelings so getting him to open up and talk about the problem isn’t always easy. That can be extremely frustrating for a woman who just wants to fix the problem and be happy together again.

Common Reasons Men Ignore Women In Relationships

Here are a few reasons your man might be ignoring you. These are some of the more prevalent reasons why men ignore women in relationships:

1. He’s Playing Hard To Get

So-called “dating protocol” suggests that when you first meet someone, you don’t want to come on too strong too fast. For example, a man isn’t supposed to meet a woman and immediately start blowing up her phone with dozens of text messages for fear of coming across as “clingy” or “creepy”.

If you just met a guy and it’s been 3 days since your first date and he’s ignoring you, it could just be that he’s playing “the game”. He wants to give you time to think about him and keep you guessing about how he really feels about you.

Some guys just don’t play hard to get very well and end up taking things too far. If you think this may be the case, don’t chase him.

He’ll likely contact you soon.

2. He’s Emotionally Immature

If a man is emotionally immature, he may ignore a woman because he doesn’t know how to talk about his feelings.

Maybe you said or did something that hurt his feelings. Perhaps you unknowingly bruised his ego, or made him feel emasculated. Guys can be pretty sensitive to certain things.

For example, one time I was making dinner with a man and he was chopping up an onion. I noticed he was having a hard time with it and was taking forever, so I said “Let me help,” and then did it myself.

He got pretty quiet after that. It was days later before I realized what I had done. In my mind, I was just helping. In his mind, I made him feel worthless.

An emotionally immature man won’t know how to tell you these things, so his course of action is to simply “fade out” and ignore you.

3. The Relationship Is Moving Too Fast

Another reason men ignore women is because a relationship starts to move too fast. This can be frustrating because the man who seems “all in” from the beginning can often be the one who suddenly slams on the brakes.

When some of the initial excitement wears off and he starts to realize things are getting serious, ignoring you can be his way of pulling back and slowing things down.

4. He’s Not Into You Anymore, But Is Too Scared To Tell You

Sometimes a man will ignore a woman when he’s not man enough to “man up” and tell her that he’s just not feeling it anymore.

Rather than being upfront and honest, a man may mistakenly believe that ignoring a woman and just disappearing is a better course of action. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, but what he doesn’t realize is that ignoring her and just disappearing only makes everything more painful.

If he won’t tell you how he feels, figure it out by asking yourself these 7 questions that reveal if a man REALLY loves you, or if he’s just stringing you along.

5. He’s Feeling Smothered

If a woman becomes too needy in a relationship, it can quickly push a man away. When a man starts to feel smothered or feels like he has lost his independence and has to give up everything he loves to be with a woman, it can lead to bitterness and resentment that causes him to ignore her.

Remember, it’s ok if he goes out with his friends without you. It’s ok if some weekends he goes fishing instead of on a date with you. It’s ok if sometimes it takes him a few hours to text you back.

Make sure to have your own life outside of him and respect the fact he has a life outside of you.

6. He’s Ashamed, Frustrated, or Angry

If a man cheats on a woman or does something he regrets, he may find it difficult to tell her and could ignore her to avoid having that conversation.

This can also happen if a woman makes a man feel like nothing he says or does is ever good enough. A lack of appreciation for the things he does can quickly turn into frustration and eventually anger. Those feelings will cause him to ignore her until he’s ready to talk about it.

7. He’s Stressed And Simply Needs Space

It’s important to understand that sometimes when a man ignores a woman, it has nothing to do with her at all. He could be stressed out about work. He might be having family problems. Maybe his finances aren’t where he wants them to be.

Men have the tendency to face their problems alone and can have a difficult time talking about them (even with their wives and girlfriends). If there are other stressors in his life, what he’s really saying when he ignores you is “I need space, so I can figure this out.” Be as supportive as you can and just give him the space he needs until he’s able to work things out in his own mind.

When a man ignores a woman and won’t let her into his heart and mind, it can be extremely frustrating. But it’s important to understand men and women are very different, and they don’t communicate and deal with emotions in exactly the same way.

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