Going Bald? Which Treatment Is The Easiest Way To Stop Hair Loss?

Science shows these are the easiest ways to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

For millions of Americans, eventual hair loss is just a fact of life. Hair is such an important part of how people identify themselves, and going bald can be difficult to deal with. However, there have been several impressive discoveries made in the past thirty years, and balding people are no longer defenseless against the battle of thinning hair.

Why Am I Going Bald?

When people lose their hair, it typically falls out in a specific pattern. Most of the hair in the back and on the sides seems safe from the threat of balding while the top begins to recede from the hairline back. This is known as Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

According to Health Line, this condition is responsible for nearly 95% of all baldness cases in men.   It also effects about 73.5% of the overall male population according to the American Hair Loss Society.  Unfortunately, thinning hair and going bald isn’t exclusively reserved for men as more than half of all women will struggle with pattern baldness caused by the release of certain hormones called androgens.

Can I Prevent My Hair Loss?

doctor outlining hair loss on man's headThe factor most specifically associated with male pattern baldness is heredity. Two cousins may have completely different experiences with hair loss and two brothers might as well.

However, a 2011 study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgery found that hair loss was greater in identical twins who smoked cigarettes and got prolonged exposure to the sun.  The twins are genetically identical, leaving room to conclude that the sun and cigarettes result in hair loss. This suggests making simple lifestyle changes is an easy way to stop hair loss while improving your overall health at the same time.

It’s also important to avoid foods that are high in fat or sugars.  Fox News reports that men with high blood pressure and diabetes are more likely to experience hair loss.

Drinking a daily cup of coffee may also help prevent hair loss in some men. Caffeine stimulates hair growth and neutralizes the effects of DHT, the hormone specifically associated with hair loss. Drinking this ancient Chinese tea daily has also been proven effective as an all natural method for stimulating dormant hair follicles and regrowing hair.

Dietary changes are often easy to implement and are ideal for preventing future hair loss. They can also be used in conjunction with other treatments for those who have already lost significant amounts of hair.

Regrowing Lost Hair

According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the easiest ways to stop hair loss and regrow lost hair is a scalp massage.  The massage increases blood flow to the hair follicles which naturally stimulates hair growth. This may seem like a desperate step, but it’s not as extreme as snatching out the remaining hair.

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According to the LA Times, violently pulling out the remaining hair will stimulate the follicles that have shut down.  Tufts of hair no larger in diameter than a pencil eraser are simply torn from the scalp in order to regrow lost hair. This is a painful prospect, but some people have experienced success from this method.

Another means of regrowing lost hair is to treat the scalp with pure aloe. It’s important to use aloe directly from a plant, because dyes and artificial aromas can damage the follicles. Simply rubbing the aloe into areas where hair no longer grows is enough to help some people reclaim their lost locks.