When And How To Use After Break Up Text Messages To Get Your Ex Back

The scenario driven after break up text messages you should send to get your ex back.

Creating and sending after break up text messages is scary.  There’s a lot on the line and what you decide to say in a text to your ex can drastically impact what direction the relationship takes moving forward.

After break up text messages to get your ex back can take many different forms.  Off the top of my head, I can think of at least half a dozen types of texts you might want to send to your ex.

For example, depending on your specific situation you might want to send:

  • A heartfelt apology for something you did wrong in the relationship.
  • A “break the ice” type of text to open the lines of communication after a period of no contact.
  • Something fun and flirty to get your ex thinking about you in a sexual way.
  • A sincere text telling your ex how much they mean to you.
  • A desperate plea begging your ex to give you another chance.
  • A text that incorporates jealousy to make your ex afraid of losing you to someone else.
  • A best of relationship type text that reminds your ex why they fell in love with you in the first place.
  • Something cute or funny that creates positive emotions with your ex.

And the list goes on and on.

So how do you know which text messages to send?  Which after break up texts work to get your ex back and which ones are more likely to ruin the relationship for good?

I wish there was an easy answer, but it really depends on your own situation. For example, how long ago did you break up?  Was it a really bad breakup or more of a mutual parting?  Have you been out of contact for a while?  Are you seeing anyone else?  Is your ex seeing anyone else?

Since I don’t know the exact situation you might be dealing with, I’d like to touch on a few common scenarios and discuss the type of after break up text message that makes sense to use under each scenario.

1. You’ve Had No Contact With Your Ex For A While And Want To Reconnect

Going through a period of no contact is an important first step when trying to get your ex back after a breakup.  Once it’s time to reconnect with your ex, you’ll want to use an after break up text message that can act as a conversation starter.

You also want to make sure your text doesn’t put too much pressure on your ex to respond.  After all, they may not be ready to open the lines of communication just yet.  And that’s ok.

You really just want to create a positive channel through which communication can flow. 

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2. You Want Your Ex To See You In A Positive Way So They’ll Be Open To The Possibility Of Dating Again

If you’re already in communication with your ex, then you may want to focus on texts that use psychological triggers to remind your ex why they were attracted to you in the first place.  You can do this by focusing on fun experiences the two of you shared in the past.

This creates positive associations between you and your ex and will hopefully start to erase any negative feelings that are holding them back from being in a relationship again. 

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3. You Find Out Your Ex Is Going Through A Difficult Time

If you find out your ex is going through a difficult time in their life – like a death in the family, losing a job, poor health, etc – you can use the opportunity to make them feel closer to you.

The idea is to validate their feelings and offer your support with no strings attached and without any expectations in return.  You may not be physically there, but the right text can really boost the intimacy between the two of you. 

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4. You Want Your Ex To Know You’re Moving On With Your Life And They Could Lose You For Good If They Don’t Act Fast

This type of after break up text message uses jealousy in a subtle way to spur your ex to take action.  It’s basically a great way to indicate you’re an attractive individual who isn’t needy, desperate, or sitting around feeling sorry for themselves.

You’re confident, desirable, and have no problem moving on and living your life with or without your ex.  When done correctly, these jealousy texts are EXTREMELY powerful.  They do require a subtle touch though.

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5. You Want Your Ex To Know How You Truly Feel About Them

This type of after break up text message is one that’s best used only after you’ve used other text messages to build positive rapport with your ex.

If you spill your heart too soon, before your ex is ready to handle it, it can flood your ex with too many conflicting emotions all at once.  When that happens, it will push them away.

But when the timing is just right, these are the text messages that can really tie up all the loose ends and create the framework for dating your ex again.

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