What To Text Your Ex After No Contact (These 5 Types Of Texts Work REALLY Well)

Five types of text messages you should text your ex after no contact.

If you’re wondering what to text your ex after no contact, I’m here to help. By the end of this article, I’ll introduce you to 5 types of text messages that work REALLY well when sent to your ex after no contact.

Better yet, I’ll show you the easiest way to combine these 5 texts into a “texting system” that operates to get your ex back step-by-step. I can’t take credit for creating it, but I used it effectively a few months ago when my relationship was on the rocks. It worked extremely well.

I think it worked so well because it uses a combination of different types of texts, each with a specific purpose. These texts slowly rekindle those fun and loving feelings from the past that can really open your ex to the idea of being with you again.

If you’re anxious and can’t wait to see it, you can find it here.

No Contact And The Next Step For Getting Your Ex Back

Too many people make the mistake of wanting to solve all their relationship problems and end the breakup overnight. So they go charging in with thumbs blazing and send off dozens of texts that make it sound like they are begging, pleading, or just flat out desperate.

That just doesn’t work. All it does is make you look needy, unattractive, and flat out undesirable. Not a good combination when you’re trying to get your ex back.

As you are already well aware, no contact is always the first step if you want your ex back. And since you’re here reading this post about what to text your ex after no contact, I’m going to assume you’ve already completed that phase. Or you might be in the middle of it right now and are looking to the future to see what to do next.

In either case, that’s a big step because no contact is one of the hardest parts of this entire process. It’s miserable spending all day thinking about your ex, wanting them back, and knowing that contacting them isn’t a good idea. So congrats on getting through that.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff…

5 Types Of Texts That Work Really Well After No Contact

As I’ve come to find out through both research and trial and error, there are generally 5 types of text messages that work great for getting your ex back after no contact. These are:

1. Across the Bow Texts

2. Best Of The Relationship Texts

3. Intimacy Booster Texts

4. Jealousy Texts

5. Emotional Honesty Texts

So let me briefly explain the function of each type of text message.

1. Across The Bow Texts

The best way to start texting your ex after no contact is to send an across the bow text. Because you’ve just gone through a period of no contact and haven’t talked to your ex in a while, across the bow texts are a simple way to open the lines of communication without putting pressure on your ex.

The goal isn’t even necessarily to get a response. Instead, across the bow texts focus on creating a positive texting environment through which you and your ex can communicate when they are ready.

2. Best Of The Relationship Texts

Once the lines of communication are open after no contact, you should begin to use best of the relationship texts. These texts use past positive experiences you’ve shared together to help your ex remember why they fell in love with you in the first place.

3. Intimacy Boosters

At this point, you have a positive rapport with your ex, so it’s time to move on to intimacy booster texts. These texts are similar to best of the relationship texts, but they are more intimate. They help evoke feelings of closeness, togetherness, and attachment.

4. Jealousy Texts

Next on the list of what to text your ex after no contact are the jealousy texts, or what are sometimes referred to as “green-eyed monster texts”. These texts are incredibly powerful because there is a lot of psychology involved. That also makes them very dangerous if they aren’t used correctly.

The purpose of these texts is to use jealousy in a positive way. When done correctly, they make your ex afraid of losing you. They also plant doubts that maybe breaking up wasn’t a good idea.

5. Emotional Honesty Texts

Last on the list of texts that are perfect for getting your ex back after no contact are the emotional honesty texts. People tend to lead with these types of texts which is exactly the wrong approach. There’s a reason they come AFTER all the others, not before.

With emotional honesty texts, you open your heart to your ex, lay it on the line, and explain how you truly feel and what you want out of the relationship. Because you’ve already built up such a positive rapport with your ex through your other text messages, there’s a very good chance you’ll find yourself back together at this point.

How To Make Texting Your Ex After No Contact Even Easier

At the beginning of this article, I promised to show you the easiest way to combine these 5 texts into a “texting system” that operates to get your ex back step-by-step. That’s what I did when my own relationship turned sour, and it worked great.

I didn’t invent this system. That honor goes to a relationship coach by the name of Michael Fiore. And I’m glad he did.

Inside his Text Your Ex Back program, Michael Fiore shows you how to use all 5 of these text messages in a systematic way to get your ex back. It makes it so easy because it takes all the guesswork out of what to send and what to say to your ex.

Basically, you just take his text message examples, and modify them ever so slightly to fit your own relationship in the best way possible. Then, you just follow his guidelines about what to do when certain situations arise – like if your ex doesn’t respond or if they respond positively but then stop talking to you.

He also explains a lot about the psychology behind the texts, why they work, and why they need to be sent in a specific order. I really enjoyed that because it helped me understand not only what was going on in my own mind, but also how I could connect with my ex in a positive way no matter what happened in the past.

So if you want to make texting your ex after no contact as simple and painless as possible, do take some time to check out Michael Fiore’s texting program. I really think it will help!

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