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Special Coordinator
of the Stability Pact for
South Eastern Europe
Rue Wiertz, 50
B-1050 Brussels
Phone: +32 (2) 401 87 00
Fax: +32 (2) 401 87 12

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 17 December 2004, London
South Eastern Europe must remain Key EU Priority, Busek tells Chatham House
 2 December 2004, Brussels
Crime in Balkans
 19 November 2004, Skopje
Regional Table in Skopje:Stability Pact Appeals to SEE to Strengthen Regional Ownership
 18 November 2004, Skopje
South East Europe Takes Lead in Handling their Asylum, Migration and Displacement Matters
 17 November 2004, Brussels/Skopje
Stability Pact’s twice-yearly Forum Meets to Discuss its Objectives for 2005
 10 November 2004, Brussels
With Last Link Completed, Path is Open for a Regional Energy Community
 8 November 2004, Brussels
Macedonians to Gather Wide Consensus on their Future
 27 October 2004, Brussels
South Eastern Europe on the Road to Decentralisation
 21 October 2004, Brussels
INVITATION TO THE MEDIA - Regional Ministerial Conference on Local Democracy, Zagreb, 25-26 October 2004
 13 October 2004, Brussels
Bucharest Conference Discusses Details of Proposed Common Energy Market
 6 October 2004, Brussels
SC Busek welcomes Serbian President's statement encouraging Serb participation in Kosovo elections
 5 October 2004, Brussels
INVITATION TO THE MEDIA - Conference entitled “Towards an Energy Community of South Eastern Europe”, 11-12 October 2004, Bucharest
 29 September 2004, Brussels
Vienna Conference Draws Up Next Steps in Addressing Problems of Informal Housing
 24 September 2004, Brussels
SC Busek Welcomes Independent Assessment of the SECI Regional Center for Combating Trans-Border Crime
 22 September 2004, Brussels
INVITATION TO THE MEDIA - Ministerial Conference on Informal Settlements in South Eastern Europe, Vienna, 28 September 2004
 28 July 2004, Brussels
Busek encourages SEE Prime Ministers to implement Trade and Energy Goals
 23 July 2004, Brussels
INVITATION TO MEDIA: SC Erhard Busek to address Annual Salzburg Meeting of South East European Prime Ministers, hosted by Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schussel on 27-28 July, 2004
 19 July 2004, Brussels
EU begins Talks with Region on Common SEE Energy Market
 9 July 2004, Brussels
SEE Governments Pledge to Eliminate Red Tape to Further Encourage Investment
 2 July 2004, Brussels
Region Confirms Commitment to Managing Population Movements
 1 July 2004, Brussels
New, Acting Spokesperson at the Stability Pact
 25 June 2004, Brussels
Regional Education Secretariat to be set up in Zagreb
 18 June 2004, Brussels
Stability Pact MARRI Chairman Soeren Jessen-Petersen new SRSG in Kosovo
 8 June 2004, Brussels
5 Years of Stability Pact: Southeast Europe Fitter for European House than in 1999 with Increased Regional Co-operation Borders becoming less important
 3 June 2004, Brussels
UPDATE - INVITATION TO MEDIALIST OF HIGH LEVEL PARTICIPANTS / PHOTO OPWorking Table I, II, III and 5 Years of Stability Pact Regional Table in Portoroz, 7 & 8 June 2004
 1 June 2004, Belgrade/Brussels
Sava Day Celebration Sava River Commissions Seat in Zagreb
 28 May 2004, Brussels
INVITATION TO MEDIA - INCLUDING ACCREDITATION DETAILS - Working Table I, II, III and 5 Years of Stability Pact Regional Table in Portoroz, 7 & 8 June 2004
 27 May 2004, Budva/Brussels
Three Nations Fire Fighting Unit undergoes Baptism of Fire
 26 May 2004, Brussels
Media Task Force debates Role of Media in the Kosovo Violence last March and its Aftermath Suggests Closer Regional Co-operation and Better Quality
 26 May 2004, Bucharest/Brussels
How to Cushion the Social Fallout of Transformation in SEE Entrepreneurship and Employment Conference in Bucharest
 24 May 2004, Brussels
Special Co-ordinator Erhard Busek Media Events in Romania, 26-28 May 2004
 19 May 2004, Brussels
INVITATION TO THE MEDIA - Commemorative Event for Five Years of Stability Pact in Portoroz (Slovenia)
 19 May 2004, Brussels
Retraction/Correction of alleged Statement made by the Special Co-ordinator Erhard Busek at the SEECP Justice and Home Minister Conference in Bucharest, 18 May 2004
 18 May 2004, Bucharest
SEECP Ministers Reaffirm Commitment to Improve Instruments to Fight Organized Crime and Corruption
 12 May 2004, Brussels
SEECP Justice and Home Affairs Ministers launch a Joint Campaign to Fight Organized Crime and Corruption
 21 April 2004, Sarajevo
Regional Co-operation Consolidated at SEECP Sarajevo Summit - Five Years After Stability Pact was Founded in Very Same City
 5 April 2004, Herceg-Novi
New Regional Forum endorses Access to Rights Approach for Remaining Refugees and Displaced Persons
 23 March 2004, Brussels
FYR Macedonia EU Membership Application Should Spark Further Reforms
 18 March 2004, Brussels
Special Co-ordinator condemns Violence in Kosovo
 1 March 2004, Chisinau / Brussels
Assessing Moldovas Integration into the Stability Pact
 26 February 2004, Brussels
Special Co-ordinator Erhard Busek conveys Condolences on the Tragic Death of Macedonian President Trajkovski
 24 February 2004, Brussels/Zagreb
Busek thanks for Croatian Support for Arms Control and Confidence Building Measures in SEE
 23 February 2004, Brussels
INVITATION TO MEDIA / Photo Opportunities: Signing Ceremony of joint SEE Statement on Information Society Budapest 26-27 February 2004
 20 February 2004, Brussels
Stability Pact Co-ordinator Busek Visit to Zagreb - Invitation to 2 Press Events / Photo Opportunities
 28 January 2004, Brussels
Massive Increase in Kosovos Integration into Stability Pact

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