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Special Coordinator
of the Stability Pact for
South Eastern Europe
Rue Wiertz, 50
B-1050 Brussels
Phone: +32 (2) 401 87 00
Fax: +32 (2) 401 87 12

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 8 December 2003, Athens/Brussels
Memorandum Signed to Expand Regional SEE Energy Market to Gas
 5 December 2003, Tirana
Regional Table Tirana: Stability Pact to focus on Business and Fighting Organised Crime in 2004
 5 December 2003, Tirana
Albania and Moldova join SEE Education Reforms by Signing Memorandum of Understanding in Tirana
 4 December 2003, Tirana
Janez Premoze, New Chair of Security Working Table
 2 December 2003, Brussels
INVITATION TO MEDIA INCLUDING ACCREDITATION DETAILS: Working Table I, II, III and Regional Table in Tirana, 4 & 5 December 2003
 28 November 2003, Brussels
Striking Imbalance of allocated Funds to fight Organised Crime in Southeast Europe, compared to Fiscal Losses in Donor Countries
 28 November 2003, Brussels
Invitation to Media Press Conference at 4th REGIONAL MINISTERIAL FORUM of the Stability Pact Task Force on Human Trafficking in South Eastern Europe (SPTF), Sofia, 10 December 2003
 18 November 2003, Bled (Slovenia)
Regional Action Plan to Counter Problem of Stolen Vehicles Approved
 14 November 2003, Brussels
Seismologists Take a Regional Look at Quake Risks in SEE
 13 November 2003, Brussels
Trade Ministerial in Rome Accelerates Momentum of Trade Liberalisation in South Eastern Europe
 12 November 2003, Brussels
INVITATION TO MEDIA: SEE to Tackle Problem of Stolen Vehicles with Region-wide Approach
 11 November 2003, Brussels
INVITATION TO MEDIA: Trade Ministerial in Rome — Trade Liberalisation in South Eastern Europe
 31 October 2003, Bucharest
Social Cohesion: First Ministerial Conference on Employment in Bucharest brings International Standards to SEE
 28 October 2003, Sarajevo
SEE Justice Ministers align themselves to UN Convention against Organised Crime
 24 October 2003, Sofia / Brussels
Regional SEE Energy Market Extended to Include Gas
 23 October 2003, Brussels
Anti-Corruption Initiative inaugurates its Regional Office in Sarajevo
 20 October 2003, Brussels
Industry Roundtable to Show Investment Opportunities in a Reformed SEE Energy Market
 8 October 2003, Brussels
Business Advisory Council Investors Mission to Romania — Focus on Private Public Partnerships
 1 October 2003, Bratislava
Press Background: Transformation Experience
 26 September 2003, Brussels
Invitation to Press Conference: Human Trafficking Statistics – Stability Pact Instruments to Fight Organized Crime
 24 September 2003, Brussels
Special Co-ordinator Busek lauds the Beginning of Pristina-Belgrade Dialogue — Right Signal for Additional Stability
 22 September 2003, Brussels
Launch of Niš-Skopje-Sofia Euroregion
 18 September 2003, Brussels
Press Statement by Special Co-ordinator Erhard Busek: The Stability Pact Instruments to fight Organised Crime
 16 September 2003, Brussels
Invitation to Media: Press Briefing by SC Busek on Stability Pact’s regional activities to fight organised crime - Belgrade - 18.09.03
 11 September 2003, Brussels
Busek lauds Apologies of Croatian and Serbia-Montenegro Presidents as Important Contribution to Reconciling for the Future
 5 September 2003, Sofia
Organised Crime Erodes some of the Benefits of Economic Recovery in Southeastern Europe
 31 July 2003, Salzburg
Use “Open Door to EU” for further reforms, Busek tells SEE Prime Ministers in Salzburg
 11 July 2003, Brussels
Vienna Ministerial Agrees on Detailed Agenda to Attract More Investment to Southeast Europe
 4 July 2003, Tirana
Media Advisory: Stability Pact Human Rights and Local Democracy top-official for talks in Albania
 30 June 2003, Brussels
SEE Education Reforms in Line with EU Developments — Memorandum of Understanding signed in Nicosia
 23 June 2003, Brussels
Migration in Southeastern Europe: Stability Pact launches Programme of Action for Comprehensive Migration, Asylum and Refugee Return
 19 June 2003, Brussels
SEECP and Stability Pact Fighting Organized Crime — Sarajevo Statement Focuses of Data and Witness Protection
 18 June 2003, Thessaloniki
 13 June 2003, Brussels
Invitation to Media: SEECP Ministerial in Sarajevo - Stability Pact Initiative to Fight Organized Crime: Photo Opportunity and Press Conference
 12 June 2003, Brussels
Thessaloniki Summit — How the Stability Pact complements the EU’s Stabilisation and Association Process inProcess in the Western Balkans
 27 May 2003, Dubrovnik
Stability Pact Ministerial Meetings in Dubrovnik — US Secretary of State Powell Calls Pact Strong and Vibrant Transatlantic Partnership
 22 May 2003, Ohrid
Western Balkans adopt Common Platform at Ohrid Conference on Border Management and Security
 22 May 2003, Brussels
Interparliamentary Conference on New EU Policy for South Eastern Europe
 21 May 2003, Brussels
Invitation to Media/Accreditation: Working Table I, II, III and Regional Table in Dubrovnik (Cavtat), 26 & 27 May 2003
 21 May 2003, Brussels
Belgian Member of European Parliament New Co-chair of Stability Pact Social Cohesion Initiative
 19 May 2003, Brussels
Stability Pact Activity Report
 16 May 2003, Brussels
Ohrid Conference on Border Security and Management (22/23 May 2003)
 13 May 2003, Brussels
Special Co-ordinator Lauds First Women Parliamentarian’s Conference of SEECP Countries
 9 May 2003, Brussels
 8 May 2003, Brussels
Press Advisory - Accreditation Details: Ohrid Regional Conference on Border Security and Management, 22/23 May 2003
 6 May 2003, Vienna
Learning from Neighbours: Future Central and East European EU Members start compiling Foreign Assistance Programmes for Western Balkans
 2 May 2003, Brussels
Press Advisory: How can South Eastern Europe benefit from the Transformation Experience of Central and Eastern European Countries — Invitation to Media
 25 April 2003, Paris/Brussels
High-Level Conference on Housing Reforms in South-Eastern Europe
 20 April 2003, Brussels
Press Handout: The Stability Pact and Kosovo - 5th edition
 9 April 2003, Brussels
SEECP Presidency Handover to Bosnia-Herzegovina: Stability Pact lauds successful Serbia & Montenegro Presidency in 2002/2003
 8 April 2003, Brussels
“Reconciling for the Future” Initiative launched — Stability Pact Workshop in Thessaloniki Defines Main Patterns
 3 April 2003, Brussels
Special Co-ordinator welcomes Admission of Serbia and Montenegro to the Council of Europe
 2 April 2003, Brussels/Thessaloniki
INVITATION TO MEDIA: Reconstruction in SEE: The Challenge of Private Public Partnerships
 2 April 2003, Brussels
SEESAC Assists Serbian Government Weapons Amnesty Programme
 31 March 2003, Brussels
Press Advisory: Reconciling for the Future — Stability Pact Workshop in Thessaloniki under the Umbrella of Hellenic EU Presidency
 14 March 2003, Brussels
Press Advisory: SC Busek Visit to Sarajevo 17–19 March 2003 — Invitation to Media
 12 March 2003, Brussels
Busek condemns Horrific Murder of Serbian Prime Minister as Cowardly Act
 5 March 2003, Brussels
Elisabeth Rehn, New Chair of Democracy and Human Rights Working Table
 4 March 2003, Brussels
Negotiations on Free Trade in Southeast Europe Completed — Full Implementation Begins Mid 2003
 28 February 2003, Brussels
South Eastern Europe well on the Way to Meeting UN Treaty Deadline for Destroying Landmines
 28 February 2003, Brussels
PA: Investment Promotion and Emerging Free Trade Zone in SEE — Invitation to Media
 24 February 2003, Brussels
Croatia EU Membership Application is Step in Right Direction but No Reason to Lean Back
 10 February 2003, Vienna
Anti Trafficking Chair Helga Konrad on Trafficking Case in Montenegro: “Bring the Case to Court and Honour International Commitments”
 10 February 2003, Belgrade
SCSP Busek is visiting Belgrade on 10 & 11/02/03 for political talks with the Serbia and Montenegro Government
 31 January 2003, Brussels
Media Task Force: Achievements in Media Legislation
 27 January 2003, Brussels
New Italian Chairman to lead Stability Pact’s Fight against Corruption
 16 January 2003, Brussels
SCSP welcomes the new Director of the Regional Center for Combating Transborder Crime

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