6 Ways To Lower High Blood Pressure Without Medication

Here are 6 ways to naturally lower high blood pressure without medications or drugs.

These days, drugs are used to treat just about anything and everything.  Can’t sleep?  Pop a pill.  High blood sugar?  Pop a pill.  Overweight?  Pop a pill.  High blood pressure?  Pop a pill.

Combine people’s reliance on pills, tablets, and other opioids with the billions of dollars at play in the pharmaceutical industry, and there’s a real problem.

While drugs such as angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors, beta blockers, and others are effective for treating hypertension, they merely address the symptoms and do little to actually solve the problem.

To bring high blood pressure under control, a more holistic approach is needed.

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If you have high blood pressure, your doctor may already have prescribed drugs like Vasotec, Avapro, or Lopressor.  These drugs help lower your blood pressure to manageable levels and reduce the associated risks of hypertension.  But they also have many unwanted side effects.

As it turns out, you can beat high blood pressure without medication.  The 6 methods below can be used with or without your current medications, as holistic measures usually don’t interfere with medical treatment.

As always, if you are unsure or have questions, always seek advice from your doctor before making changes to your medical treatment.

Here are 6 ways to naturally reduce high blood pressure without drugs or medications:

1. Manage Your Weight

Nearly all health conditions and diseases are made worse when a person is overweight or obese.  Hypertension is no different.

One of the best ways to bring down high blood pressure without drugs is to shed off those unwanted pounds.  Ridding your body of excess fat and reaching your ideal weight will not only help you manage high blood pressure, it will also drastically improve your overall health.

2. Eat A Diet Low In Salt

Reducing salt consumption is another great way to treat your high blood pressure naturally without drugs.  On the surface, it may not seem like you consume much salt, but a lot of salt sneaks into processed and packaged foods.  Studies show adults who consume 6 grams of salt or less per day have a much lower risk of hypertension.

To reduce salt in your diet, try flavoring foods with other spices and ingredients.  Salt is an acquired taste and it may take a while to adjust, but it will be well worth the effort to lower hypertension.

Also, be wary of salt substitutes and different kinds of salts.  They go under fancy names like Himalayan salt and natural sea salt, but these fancy names don’t necessarily mean they are better for you.

When it comes to hypertension, salt is salt, so always err on the side of caution. Minimize your salt intake as much as possible if you want to lower blood pressure without medications.

3. Get Moving

The idea here isn’t so much “exercise” as it is “movement”, so you won’t have to spend hours in a gym.  Walk more, play with your kids, take the stairs, and just move more.  This increased activity not only helps you burn calories, lose weight, and get fit, but it also helps lower your blood pressure levels.

4. Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

We hate to say it, but if you suffer from high blood pressure and are concerned about your health, then your binge nights should be over.

This doesn’t mean you can never enjoy a night out with friends or a relaxing evening at home.  After all, a glass of wine daily can actually be good for you.  But if you’re guzzling beer or throwing back Sambuca shots frequently, it’s time to tone down your alcohol consumption.

If you want to treat high blood pressure without medicine, drink infrequently and always in moderation.

5. De-stress

Much like being overweight, stress makes just about every health condition much worse.  It doesn’t matter if it’s obesity, diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease.

In fact, stress has even become known as the “21st century’s silent killer”.  It’s that deadly.

Stress has a direct impact on your blood pressure levels, so one of the easiest ways to lower high blood pressure without drugs is to find daily time to de-stress.  Activities such as meditation, yoga, or having a good laugh with friends are all excellent for managing and reducing stress.

For some people, physical activities such as running or rock-climbing help them de-stress.  For others, it’s a more mental and emotional thing.

What’s important is to find the activity that helps you de-stress.  Yoga might not be your thing, but maybe taking a walk through the woods is.  If you still feel stressed after participating in a given activity, keep searching until you find something that works for you.

Find activities that make you feel happy.  Happiness repels stress.

6. Eat Clean & Supplement Your Diet

Getting rid of high blood pressure without medication often means reducing your consumption of meat, salt, and processed foods while increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables.  Whole and organic foods are important to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.  To take the guesswork out of eating to reduce high blood pressure, follow this dietary protocol.

Additionally, you can reduce hypertension by adding supplements such as fish oil capsules, garlic pills, and potassium, calcium, and magnesium pills to your diet.  Always consult with your doctor to ensure supplements won’t interfere with any other medical conditions you may have or medications you may be taking.

Follow these 6 ways to lower hypertension without drugs and you should be well on your way to reducing high blood pressure naturally at home.  Lifestyle changes such as eating clean, exercising more, and reducing alcohol consumption are always hard at first.  Old habits must be broken before new habits form.

In the end, however, the struggle is well worth it. You’ll feel better and will have a much lower risk of complications that arise from living with high blood pressure.

With a little time and a little effort, your blood pressure levels will soon stabilize.  Best of all, you may be able to get rid of hypertension medication for good and manage your high blood pressure naturally from here on out.