24 Unique Present Ideas And Gifts For Bunny Rabbit Lovers

24 Unique Gift Ideas For Bunny Lovers

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Every year I keep an eye out for fun and unique gift ideas for rabbit lovers. I have Grandpa to thank for that!

When I was younger, my family made the trip from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Tell City, Indiana to visit Grandma and Grandpa every summer. And every morning, Grandpa woke me up at 5:00 A.M. to go count rabbits.

After a quick bite to eat, we drove all around the city counting as many rabbits as we could in the parks, people’s yards, alley ways, etc.  It was kind of “our thing”.

No place was better for finding rabbits than the cemetery. It had tons of green grass to nibble on. It was surrounded by a thicket (or briar patch as Peter Rabbit would call it) on three sides. And, it was peaceful and quiet, so there were usually bunnies EVERYWHERE!

I can’t remember our exact record, but I know it was around 70 rabbits counted in just one morning.  Pretty crazy if you ask me!

Grandpa is in a better place now (miss you “Rabbit Man”), but I’ll never forget those times we shared, and I’ve been a diehard rabbit lover ever since.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite gifts for bunny rabbit lovers. All these bunny themed gifts and gift ideas are awesome and amazing and make unique presents for rabbit lovers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Bunny Related Gifts: Books

The Bunny Lover’s Complete Guide To House Rabbits Found Here – A perfect start-up gift for first time bunny owners or any rabbit lover who wants to have rabbits as house pets.


T-Shirts And Clothing Gifts For Rabbit Lovers


Binky Bunny T-Shirt For Rabbit Lovers Found Here – Not everyone will “get it”, but your rabbit loving friends sure will! Rabbit lovers know a “binky” is when, out of sheer happiness, a bunny leaps into the air and does any number of acrobatic feats. Everybunny should have that much FUN! Here’s a video:


Long Sleeves Geek Rabbit Bunny Print Motif Knitted Jumper Found Here – Could be the geek in me, but I think this is totally adorable!


Rabbit Related Gifts: Bags & Purses

Cute Beige Rabbit Leatherette Shoulder Handbag Found Here – Plenty of room for your tablet…and even your bunny! Shh…I won’t tell anyone. 😉


Large Stuffed Lop-Eared Rabbit Doll Backpack Found Here – I was reading reviews for this and saw where a guy wore this backpack while riding his motorcycle to work, just to get smiles and laughs. BEST IDEA EVER.


Jewelry Gift Ideas For Bunny Lovers


Bunny Style Alloy Swarovski Crystal Pendant Necklace, 16″, Found Here – B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!


Teal Ceramic Bunny Rabbit Ring Holder Found Here – Cute and colorful! Probably why I like it so much!  Combine it with a cute bunny ring and you’ll have an awesome set of Christmas presents for rabbit lovers.


Umbra Zoola Chrome Bunny Ring Holder Found Here – With their long ears, rabbits make perfectly adorable ring holders. I just had to include this one too!


Fun Gifts For Bunny Owners


Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy For Rabbits Found Here – Can’t think of any good Christmas gifts for rabbit owners?  Here’s an idea: get the rabbit owners in your life toys for their rabbits! This one looks fun!


Merax 70-Inch Wooden Rabbit Hutch With 2 Run Play Area Found Here – And if a rabbit toy won’t do, how about an entire hutch, so they can get even MORE rabbits!


Unique Gifts For Rabbit Lovers


Cute Porcelain Bunny Night Light Lamp Found Here – I think this would be so cute in a nursery! Or anywhere for that matter.


Balloon Bunny Munny Bank Found Here – I love unusual rabbit gifts like this one. A bank in the shape of a balloon bunny – so creative and unique!


Miffy Dimmable LED Light Found Here – I’ve always loved the Miffy lift the flap books by Dick Bruna ever since I was a child. This Miffy Light is large and would make a terrific decorative lamp or nightlight for a child’s room.


Kitchen Gifts For Bunny Rabbit Lovers


White & Pink Rabbit Pair Cups Found Here – These might just be THE cutest bunny cups ever! When I first saw them from the front, I thought they were kitties, but then when I saw the side view, OMG cuteness!  Definitely one of my top 10 gifts for rabbit lovers.


Country Cottage Ceramic Rabbit Candle-holder Mug Found Here – The functionality of this makes it one of the best Christmas gifts for rabbit lovers! Use as a mug or as a candle holder…just not both at the same time. 😉


The Cook’s Carrot Whisk Found Here – WAY too cute for words!


Corkers-Animals Bunny Found Here – What a creative way to use a wine cork! Perfect stocking-stuffer Christmas gift for your rabbit-loving wine aficionado.


Organizational Gift Ideas For People Who Love Rabbits


Bunny Desk Organizer – Scissors and Paper Clips Holder – Found Here – Totally adorable way to hold your scissors and paper clips. I need this on my desk..NOW!


Rabbit Related Tech And Electronic Gifts


Zoo-Tunes Bunny Portable Bluetooth Speakers Found Here – This is one of the best gifts for rabbit lovers who like to rock out bunny style! Boonsa – boonsa – boonsa…


3D Cartoon Bunny Phone Cover Case For Apple iPhone 6 & 6S Found Here – Now, if only I had an iphone…


Funny Gifts For Rabbit Lovers


Bunny Family Vinyl Window Decal Found Here – Great for a car, truck, or laptop!


Funny Bunnyzilla Bunny T-Shirt Found Here – Terrifying! Absolutely TERRIFYING!!!


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Best Unique Gifts For Rabbit Lovers

Warning! Deadly Attack Rabbit.  (Don’t Be Fooled By His Cuteness!)

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