How To Get A Woman Sexually Excited And Desperate To Sleep With You

A Sexually Excited Woman

Become the object of her desire!

When it comes to the art of seduction, women and men are polar opposites. Men are easily turned on while it takes much greater effort to get a woman sexually excited.

Huffington Post sums up this whole conundrum perfectly: women try to avoid being seen as slutty or too forward while men, dogged by the fear of rejection, try to dim their domineering or intimidating selves. If you are a man trying to ignite the sexual spark between you and a girl you like, the following tips will help.

1. Foreplay

When learning how to get a woman sexually excited, the importance of foreplay should not be overlooked. For men, it’s easy to get up and ready for sex just by looking at an attractive woman. The problem is, most men make the mistake of hurrying foreplay, assuming their woman is ready for sex just because they are.

Generally speaking, the core of foreplay should start as far away from the genitals as possible. Some erotic gestures you can try include cupping her face, rubbing and/or kissing her neck and shoulders, and staring into her eyes. Try to move slowly from her sexually neutral areas to more erogenous zones, instead of jumping straight into penetration.

2. Create The Right Ambiance

Women are much more sensitive than men to distractions such as loud music, bright lights, or even dirty bed sheets. At the basic level, creating sexual ambiance involves simple things like turning off the TV, changing the dirty bed sheets, and carefully choosing the music variety and volume on your home theater.

You could go further by lighting scented candles, playing love songs, or serving her favorite drink. Such efforts may seem desperate to some men, but these stimuli, both consciously and subconsciously, communicate to a woman that you care and make it much easier for her to get sexually excited around you.

3. Use Verbal Cues

While it’s true body language is one of the most significant and powerful aspects of seduction, what you say also goes a long way in communicating your interest and getting her to think about sex.

Stay away from topics that are too serious or boring and try to talk about things that get her aroused. If your interest in a woman is purely sexual, then you should try to stick to flirting while avoiding being too misogynistic.

Subtle bragging is a great way to get a woman to fall for you. The basic technique involves briefly mentioning your best attributes without dwelling on them too long. Just don’t belittle her own achievements in the process.

4. Explore Her Fantasies

Like men, women have sexual fantasies. Lots of them.

Instead of getting worked up over her fantasizing about Brad Pitt, use it to your advantage. Encourage her to open up about her fantasies, and try to fulfill them for her. Role playing is one of the best ways to get a woman sexually excited, especially if you’ve been with her for a while and sex has gone stale.

5. Improve Your Kissing Technique

For many women, kissing is a huge turn on, and it’s a great way to get her sexually excited…if you do it right. Bad kissing, on the other hand, is a huge turn-off.

It is no secret that women love kissing. When a girl lets you kiss her, it does not mean you are home and dry. Too often, men trip up at this hurdle because they go about kissing the wrong way.

The secret to a great kiss is to set the stage patiently and get deeper as you go along. Start out by simply brushing your lips against hers and then introduce your tongue by gently touching the tip against her lips. Avoid drooling or sucking too heavily, especially if it’s a first kiss.

Bad breath is a big turnoff. If you suspect your breath stinks, brush your teeth regularly or chew on mint or lemon peel gum to chase away the smell. Keeping your eyes open and looking straight into hers during the kiss can also deepen the connection and get her even more sexually excited.

6. Use Body Language To Build Sexual Tension

According to Psychology Today, body language is the most powerful tool when it comes to seduction, particularly for men. When seducing women, you need to communicate interest, confidence, and dominance. Even if you don’t feel particularly attractive, your body language can convince women you’re the hottest man on earth.

How To Find A Girlfriend In College

Attractive Girlfriend In College

College girls…yes, please! (Source: Swagger Magazine)

It sounds easy, but finding a girlfriend in college can be challenging. Sometimes, it’s really difficult to get out and find the right woman for you when you’re trying to balance academics, extracurricular activities, a job, and dozens of other activities you might be engaged in. And maybe the conventional ways of meeting girls just don’t really mesh with your personality.

There are always those guys who just troll bars close to campus or consistently frequent the raucous frat parties in hopes of scoring the next girl to become another notch on their bedpost. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, necessarily, but what if you’re not looking for a fling? What if you want something more meaningful than that? What if it’s a girlfriend, and not a one-night stand, you’re after?

If you’re trying to meet a girl with whom you can really connect with on a deeper level, the following tips on how to find a girlfriend in college can help.

Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Look, there’s nothing wrong with being a wallflower. Most of us, at one point or another, went through some kind of antisocial stage. But if you ever want anything to happen with that girl you admire from afar in the coffee shop, then you need to summon up the nerve to actually approach and talk to her. To find a girlfriend in college, you need to take risks and stop playing it safe.

Studies show that breaking out of your so-called “comfort zone” results in increased self-confidence and a subsequently fuller, richer life experience.  Those who follow the same routine day in and day out and those who wall themselves in and refuse to take the risks that make life worth living usually have a shorter life expectancy.

Go where the women are! In college, that’s pretty much everywhere. Open your mouth. Say something. If you want a girlfriend, women need to know you actually exist.

If you’re naturally uncomfortable around women, invest in some help. There are a lot of really good online attraction courses, and none better for getting a girlfriend than the Girlfriend Activation System.

Have Realistic Expectations

Some of us go through our entire lives waiting anxiously for exactly the right person: the woman who fits our entire litany of “must-haves” and worships us body and soul. We wait as if she will magically drop out of the sky and into our laps. And we keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

If you’re not familiar with the expression “letting the best get in the way of the good”, then you should be. No one is perfect, and you’re never going to find someone who conforms perfectly to your idea of what an ideal girlfriend should be. Newsflash: you don’t conform perfectly to her preconceived notions, either.

If you want to find a girlfriend in college, then date lots of women. Put your preconceived notions aside. Relationships are about learning to love and embracing the other person, warts and all…within reason, of course.  So, get real and go have fun. Enjoy the dating process instead of putting pressure on yourself to turn every girl you meet into a girlfriend.

Don’t Slack On Personal Appearance

Take care of yourself, and don’t be the stereotypical “college slob”. Bro, I’m not saying you have to sell out or divest yourself of your decorative thick-rimmed glasses. Perish the thought.

All I’m saying is that whoever you are, exercise personal hygiene. You can stick it to the man and still bathe. Brush your teeth. Comb your hair (including beards). Wash it while you’re at it.

Just make an effort, and don’t be a total and complete slacker. Ladies don’t dig that.

Have confidence. Have passion, drive, and determination. Don’t change who or what you are, but be the best version of you that you can be. Do that and finding a girlfriend in college won’t seem so damn daunting!

How Do You Stop Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction Causing Sexual Performance Problems For A Man

ED strikes again!

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is the inability to acquire or sustain an erection firm enough to enable sexual intercourse. ED is a fairly common disorder, affecting up to 30 million Americans.

Erectile dysfunction is linked to a whole range of psychological, physical, and lifestyle factors. According to WebMD, over 70% of ED cases are caused by conditions such as kidney disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and obesity. Certain medications, psychological problems, and physical injuries can also cause ED.

With so many potential causes, how do you stop erectile dysfunction?


Oral medications are some of the most successful cures for ED. Some of the more popular varieties include Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (Vardenafil), and Stendra (Avanafil). These medications, collectively called PDE-5 inhibitors, work by relaxing the penile muscles, allowing for increased blood flow into the penis.

According to Dr. Irwin Goldman, the chief editor of The Journal of Sexual Medicine, these drugs are 70% effective. Dr. Goldman says these drugs are generally safe but may have side effects such as indigestion, headache, and sinus congestion.

When oral medication is not effective, penile injection may be recommended. Injectable drugs such as alprostadil and phentolamine work in a similar way to ED pills.

Lifestyle Changes

Another way to stop erectile dysfunction is through lifestyle changes. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and lack of exercise are some of the factors that can complicate ED.

A study conducted at the University of Adelaide and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that it is possible to completely reverse erectile dysfunction by changing various aspects of lifestyle. By taking steps such as reducing alcohol intake, fighting obesity, and getting adequate sleep, 29% of the 810 men involved in the study were able to completely overcome erectile dysfunction issues.

The lead researcher, Dr. Sean Martin, suggests that even where medication is required, “it is likely to be considerably more effective if lifestyle factors are also addressed”. Treating the underlying conditions such as kidney disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular complications is usually the most effective way to permanently reverse ED.


For men whose ED is caused by specific blood vessel problems, such as blocked arteries and blood leakage in the penis, corrective vascular surgery may be an option. However, the success rate of this type of surgery in restoring full erectile function is low (30%).

Natural Cures

How do you stop erectile dysfunction naturally? Is it even possible?

Some of the most popular natural remedies for erectile dysfunction include arginine, pomegranate juice, saffron, and pine extracts among others. According to WebMD, there isn’t much evidence to support the efficacy of natural cures for ED.

However, that hasn’t kept programs like Jason Long’s Erectile Dysfunction Protocol from becoming extremely popular, with many men reporting successful results. Long’s ED Protocol is a diet-based system that is easy to implement with no side effects. This explains why it is often the first choice for men seeking natural home remedies for ED.

Acupuncture has long been hailed as a cure for ED but a 2009 South Korean study cited on WebMD appeared to discredit its effectiveness. Yohimbine bark extracts are probably the only widely studied alternative ED cure that has been shown to be effective, with up to 40% of men reporting improvement.

Hormonal Therapy And Supplements

A procedure known as testosterone replacement therapy may help impotence sufferers with low testosterone levels regain their sexual function. DHEA supplements, which increase testosterone levels, can also alleviate ED in some cases. These supplements are usually applied daily on the shoulders in gel form.

Penile Pumps And Implants

Penile pumps and implants are collectively known as external erection-facilitating devices. Penis pumps are hollow tubes that are placed over the penis. Air is then pumped out to create a vacuum which pulls blood into the penis, causing an erection. The erection is maintained using a tension ring that attaches to the base of the penis to hold blood in. The Mayo Clinic recommends consulting a doctor before using this device, because it is not safe for everyone.

Penile implants are inflatable rods that are placed on both sides of the penis. The rods can be inflated when needed to create an erection. Similar to penile pumps, this method is recommended as a last resort because it comes with a high risk of infections and injury.

Psychological Counseling

ED resulting from psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, or tension requires a greater amount of mental intervention. Sex therapy can help to overcome performance anxiety (one of the most common ED causes) by teaching the nature of sex and by helping improve communication with one’s partner.

Depression doubles the likelihood of getting ED. Counseling to alleviate stress is therefore an important step in fighting impotence and stopping erectile dysfunction for good.

Going Bald? Which Treatment Is The Easiest Way To Stop Hair Loss?

doctor outlining hair loss on man's headFor millions of Americans, eventual hair loss is just a fact of life. Hair is such an important part of how people identify themselves, and going bald can be difficult to deal with. However, there have been several impressive discoveries made in the past thirty years, and balding people are no longer defenseless against the battle of thinning hair.

Why Am I Going Bald?

When people lose their hair, it typically falls out in a specific pattern. Most of the hair in the back and on the sides seems safe from the threat of balding while the top begins to recede from the hairline back. This is known as Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

According to Health Line, this condition is responsible for nearly 95% of all baldness cases in men.   It also effects about 73.5% of the overall male population according to the American Hair Loss Society.  Unfortunately, thinning hair and going bald isn’t exclusively reserved for men as more than half of all women will struggle with pattern baldness caused by the release of certain hormones called androgens.

Can I Prevent My Hair Loss?

The factor most specifically associated with male pattern baldness is heredity. Two cousins may have completely different experiences with hair loss and two brothers might as well.

However, a 2011 study conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgery found that hair loss was greater in identical twins who smoked cigarettes and got prolonged exposure to the sun.  The twins are genetically identical, leaving room to conclude that the sun and cigarettes result in hair loss. This suggests making simple lifestyle changes is an easy way to stop hair loss while improving your overall health at the same time.

It’s also important to avoid foods that are high in fat or sugars.  Fox News reports that men with high blood pressure and diabetes are more likely to experience hair loss.

Drinking a daily cup of coffee may also prevent hair loss in men. Caffeine stimulates hair growth and neutralizes the effects of DHT, the hormone specifically associated with hair loss. In his Rebuild Hair Program, author Jared Gates identifies many different foods for neutralizing the effects of DHT and regrowing hair.

Dietary changes are often easy to implement and are ideal for preventing future hair loss. They can also be used in conjunction with other treatments for those who have already lost significant amounts of hair.

Regrowing Lost Hair

According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the easiest ways to stop hair loss and regrow lost hair is a scalp massage.  The massage increases blood flow to the hair follicles which naturally stimulates hair growth. This may seem like a desperate step, but it’s not as extreme as snatching out the remaining hair.

According to the LA Times, violently pulling out the remaining hair will stimulate the follicles that have shut down.  Tufts of hair no larger in diameter than a pencil eraser are simply torn from the scalp in order to regrow lost hair. This is a painful prospect, but some people have experienced success from this method.

Another means of regrowing lost hair is to treat the scalp with pure aloe. It’s important to use aloe directly from a plant, because dyes and artificial aromas can damage the follicles. Simply rubbing the aloe into areas where hair no longer grows is enough to help some people reclaim their lost locks.

Girlfriend Activation System Review – Be Her Obvious Choice

Why review the Girlfriend Activation System when so many other Girlfriend Activation System reviews have already spread the word about this popular program like wildfire across the internet? It’s simple, really: the recent release of GFAS V2, a strong contender for Program of the Year in 2015.

woman wearing purple - girlfriend activation system review

Use the Girlfriend Activation System to become her obvious choice!

The road to finding an amazing girlfriend is often littered with the mangled wrecks of past mistakes, failures, and disappointments: a road that inevitably leads to family gatherings and Thanksgiving dinners which quickly turn into interrogations on why you’ve yet to “settle down with a nice girl” and free character assessments describing all the reasons you’re “still” single.

For many guys, it appears easier to change a light bulb with the tip of their nose, or find a word that rhymes with orange, than it is to find a quality, awesome girlfriend. Not that this suggests women are at fault for such a predicament. Women are no different than men when it comes to constantly seeking that special someone, but often settling for someone who isn’t “relationship material”.

Let’s face it, the ability to attract the right woman and remain in a long-term committed relationship is not an easy task. If it were, divorce rates would be virtually non-existent, and the companies behind online dating sites and dating apps wouldn’t be making so much money.

But the emphasis here really has to be on the concept of the “right” woman. For most men, a shortage of available women isn’t the problem. There are plenty of women out there. The real difference lies with finding the right woman to be with in a relationship, rather than simply settling for “Miss Good Enough”.

That long-traveled road is often littered with Miss Good Enough’s who didn’t quite work out and those Miss Fantastically Awesome’s who had great potential, but who couldn’t quite be convinced to come along for the ride. The impact on a guy’s self-esteem can be such that some refuse to take the car out on the road any more due to past disappointments and rejections.

The Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS) is a comprehensive online multimedia course which, at its core, is designed to give men all the tools they need to attract a girlfriend.  But not just any girlfriend: the girlfriend they actually want.

It is a program which provides a step-by-step guide to help guys navigate the twists and turns of every stage of a relationship as it applies to dating women.  From meeting, dating, and escalating all the way to a happy long-term relationship, the creator of the Girlfriend Activation System claims the program will increase your confidence and improve your interactions with women to help you secure the girl of your dreams.

Sounds great, right?  Maybe even too good to be true?

It’s natural to be apprehensive about these types of dating programs. A quick online search of “dating programs for men” and you’ll soon be overwhelmed with the sheer number of different courses on the market, all of which make similar promises (some more lofty and elaborate than others).

So naturally the question turns to which program might be the best for you?

While this is something that only you can ultimately answer, the aim of this review is to assist you in deciding if the Girlfriend System is right for you, and whether it actually works.

In the following GFAS review, we look beyond pseudo-science, pop psychology, and marketing spin to provide an in-depth assessment of not only the entire contents of the Girlfriend Activation System, but also its author and the pros and cons of the course. To think that the nature of attraction can be broken down into a set of step-by-step instructions that will work on any woman admittedly sounds a little fanciful, and it is for this reason that we also examine some of the science surrounding attraction with beautiful women.

line dividerFOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: This Girlfriend Activation System review is intended to be the most robust and comprehensive GFAS user review online.  Read it.  Skim it.  Skip it.  It’s up to you.  If you want to bypass the review summary altogether, click here to go directly to the Girlfriend Activation System main website and check out the program for yourself.  Alternatively, if you want to buy GFAS directly without being forced to sit through a sales video, then try this link.line divider

The Author And Creator Of The Girlfriend Activation System

screenshot of the Girlfriend Activation System V2 video

Click the image above to watch Christian’s Girlfriend Activation System V2 presentation…

The brain behind the GFAS course is Christian H., who founded a relationship and dating company with the sole aim “to help men build a better social lifestyle – including attracting women, friends and social networks, access to a rich lifestyle, and becoming a better man”.

Christian has become a recognized and respected leader in helping men become the hero of their own life and has helped thousands of men develop successful relationships with incredible women.  He has been featured in major media outlets such as CNN, Men’s Health, and FHM, and his company has positively impacted nearly a million men to date with their range of courses and individual coaching.

Christian’s company publishes various online courses for men on a variety of topics ranging from developing an unbreakable level of confidence, to overcoming fears and objections, to texting women. The Girlfriend Activation System is Christian’s answer for the thousands of frustrated guys who want a girlfriend, but who struggle to understand female psychology and those who find they are lacking the right tools to go out and meet a girl and know how to make her their girlfriend.

During the program, Christian explains that in his own life, dating wasn’t always easy, but it seemed to follow a specific pattern.  When he’d meet girls and then they’d end up as his girlfriend, there were a number of different things that would happen every single time along the way. What he found is that when you find a system that works every single time, it’s good to stick with it, replicate it, figure out what’s working with the system (and what’s not) and eventually share it with others.  Hence the step-by-step Girlfriend Activation System was born.

The Science Of Attraction And How It Applies To Getting A Girlfriend

The sheer number of PUA programs and dating advice experts (some well renowned and others only self-proclaimed) often make statements and claims which at the outset can be difficult to assess if they have any genuine foundation and, frankly, whether they will work.

sexual attraction between a man and his girlfriend

During your first interaction, you have 1/10th of a second to earn her trust and get her to view you as boyfriend material…

Of course, by their very nature, the ability to objectively assess the likelihood of achieving success through these programs can be difficult without first trying them. A Catch-22 situation arises because people often find themselves reluctant to take the plunge on such a program and part with their time and money on something that might not work. This is even more-so with dating programs, because of the inherent fear of rejection.

In terms of the Girlfriend Activation System, there is a lot of focus in the course on the importance of your initial approach with a woman and the impression you leave which influences her attraction toward you. So how does the program stack up with what the experts know about the science of attraction?

The need to make a good first impression, whether it be with members of the opposite sex or for a job interview, is not such a revolutionary concept. But researchers at Princeton University have found that when being introduced to someone new and seeing a face for the first time, we decide whether that person is attractive and trustworthy within a tenth of a second.

Now naturally there is more to attraction than just looks and physical appearance.  However neuroscientists at New York University and Harvard University have also found that even during brief encounters with others, brain regions that are important in determining value are engaged. In others words, girls will quickly assign value to a guy within a short space of time of first meeting him.

That split second can mean the difference between taking a woman to bed or ending up in the “friend zone”.  It can be the difference between her seeing you as “boyfriend material” or “just a friend”.

The takeaway here?  First impressions when meeting girls are absolutely critical.

Another central concept of the Girlfriend Activation System is that of “like attracting like.” In this respect there is a well-known principle referred to as “social exchange theory” which is where we ultimately select long-term relationship partners who are more or less our equals.

When we meet someone of the opposite sex, we size each other up noting physical appeal, financial status, and social rank, as well as various personality traits. We then subconsciously tally up each other’s scores, and if the rewards outweigh the risks, it’s on like Donkey Kong.  Once again, science provides a firm foundation that matches up with the information Christian includes in the Girlfriend Activation System.

There are a lot of other aspects to the course which have a lot of foundation in both human and female psychology which Christian explains during the course of the program. At the risk of turning this Girlfriend Activation System review into an epic novel examining female psychology as it relates to dating and men and its connection with this course, we don’t propose to go into that much detail.   Instead, we want to focus this review on what’s actually included inside the GFAS system.

But from what’s been described above, it is safe to conclude that the Girlfriend Action System has a high degree of scientific foundation behind it. This is great because, at the outset, it gives guys a high degree of confidence that the program will work, and suggests GFAS isn’t just some guy’s theory or an elaborate hoax that was concocted one dateless night in the basement of his parent’s house.

What Is The Girlfriend Activation System?  Explained And Debunked

Put simply, the Girlfriend Activation System is a multimedia course designed to help men find and attract amazing women who will eventually become loving, loyal, and long-lasting girlfriends.  It can best be described as an online “video course”, although some Girlfriend Activation System reviews mistakenly classify it as an “ebook” or “PDF”.  GFAS is not a book.  It’s not available on Amazon.  It’s not an ebook or downloadable PDF.  Calling it such is simply false.

The original Girlfriend Activation System (GFAS V1) was released in 2013 and was based on a video recording of a seminar Christian conducted in New York the previous year. Following the success of the initial course, Christian updated and expanded the course in early 2014 to create a brand new version (GFAS V2).

The basics of the Girlfriend Activation System include:

● Both the old version of GFAS V1 and the newest version, GFAS V2
● Access to The SM Members Community
● 14-Day Free Trial to “The Ten Code”
● Bonus Programs

A review of each individual component of the system can be found below.


“A Woman Wants To Feel Your Masculine Power And Be Overwhelmed By It.”

Version 2 (GFAS V2) is a series of videos, audio files, and written transcripts/slides based on a 2-day seminar conducted by Christian (together with a number of guest speakers).  Key points of the 23-parts comprising the Girlfriend Activation System V2 are exposed below:

Part 1: Introduction – The course commences with an explanation of the goal of the course (guys getting a girlfriend), before Christian then proceeds to explain a little of his background which led him to establishing his company and the Girlfriend Activation System. He then concludes by summarizing the foundation on which the course is based, literotica (think 50 Shades of Grey) and teaching guys how to be the man who women obsess over – being the obvious choice for her (video duration: 11 mins).

Part 2: Masculine Power – In this part Christian delves further into the concept of what he refers to as every woman’s “Obsession Story.” This is the idea that every woman is typically programmed to respond and be attracted to those guys who demonstrate a particular set of character traits. At its core, this lies with the fact that women want to feel a man’s masculine power and be overwhelmed by it (not in a creepy dominant/submissive relationship context). Christian then delves into what masculine power really means (video duration: 17 mins).

Part 3: Masculine Power (continued) – This segment continues with Christian explaining the different elements of masculine power (dominance, competence, challenging, mysterious, genuine, sexual) and along with a female volunteer (Alex) demonstrates this obsession-worthy masculine power (video duration: 46 mins).

Part 4: Q&A With Alex – A brief question and answer session with Alex who describes the feelings and emotions she experienced during the earlier demonstrations with Christian and why they worked on her (video duration: 4 mins).

Part 5: Nick Sparks On Sexuality – This part of the program is presented by Nick Sparks, Master Coach and social dynamics expert. Nick addresses one of the most common issues men face with dating: sexuality. In particular, the process of escalating from being friendly with a girl, to taking it to the next stage in terms of romance. Nick demonstrates with Alex many of the simple techniques that guys can use to express their interest and attraction with a girl in a non-creepy, inappropriate, or aggressive way (video duration: 36 mins).

Part 6: Jason On Being A Challenge – Christian introduces fellow dating guru, Jason Capital, who is an influential part of the seduction industry and has been coaching guys for almost 5 years. Jason explains why being a challenge to a woman is so powerful and demonstrates the three concepts involved in achieving this (video duration: 48 mins).

Part 7: Alex On Being Genuine – Christian is joined by another good friend, Alex Allman, an expert in sex and intimacy who has been teaching guys about the psychological angle to dating and sex since 2007. Alex explains how being genuine is the single most important factor you can bring to a woman and goes into detail about what it means to be genuine, why it has such a powerful effect, and how best to be genuine and express it to the women you want to date (video duration: 56 mins).

Part 8: David On Dominance – Christian welcomes David Wygant to discuss one of the crucial elements of masculine power, dominance. David has been one of the world’s most renowned dating coaches for the past 20 years. He explains the importance of dominance and demonstrates how to achieve it (via voice tonality and body language) in order for men to approach women with authority and assertively push for what they want (video duration: 46 mins).

Part 9: Boyfriend Material – In this part, Christian discusses those factors which make a guy a great boyfriend because they make a woman feel uniquely beautiful, feminine, and appreciated. Christian goes into depth about the seven things you can give a girl which will make her feel like the girlfriend she always wanted to be. There is a lot of focus in this part on the values and beliefs a man will ideally possess in order to get the girlfriend of his dreams (video: 25 mins).

Part 10: Q&A – A brief time-out in the course where the seminar participants ask Christian questions about the material covered to date and he reinforces many of the core components of the program (video duration: 15 mins).

Part 11: The Obsession Story – Christian finishes day one of the course by bringing everything together to reveal the Obsession Story and then goes on to explain the three layers of the dating experience:

the Obsession Story – the four stages that mark every great love story
the Investment Ladder – how invested she is in you
the Checkpoints – the different points of contact between you and a girl, from meeting her, to the point where she becomes your girlfriend (video duration: 41 mins).

Part 12: Introduction (to day 2) – In this part, Christian reflects on the material covered on the first day of the seminar and outlines the content of the remainder of the course (video duration: 15 mins).

Part 13: Impression – This is the first phase of the Obsession Story where Christian reveals the techniques that can be used which can make you stand-out and make a strong, memorable, and lasting impression in a girl’s mind. He explains the three important types of values essential to making an impression (primary, passive, and active) and provides tips on how guys can put themselves in proximity of like-minded people which can improve their prospects of meeting the ultimate girl (video duration: 5 mins).

Part 14: King Game – This section is all about becoming “king” of your own life and actually getting women to approach you, instead of the other way around. Working on your social networks and how to bring value to them which will in turn increase your own value and status. Christian explains the importance of this in the context of putting yourself in the best possible light that women also want to be in (video duration: 45 mins).

Part 15: Nick On Impression – Nick Sparks comes back into the fray to teach guys about how to approach women and start conversations. He also reveals three specific secrets that can help you make that all-important, great first impression (video duration: 32 mins).

Part 16: What To Say – Christian answers the commonly asked question that often gets guys in a twist: “what do I say to start a conversation?” Christian demonstrates some simple, actionable techniques guys can use to get attraction with a girl before they even approach them. He then goes on to explain the step-by-step stages of developing a rapport once that initial approach has been made (video duration 27 mins).

Part 17: Resetting Impression – For those situations where you find yourself put into the friend-zone by a girl, but want more, then this part is for you. Christian discusses the steps that need to be taken to introduce sexuality into the dynamic of the relationship and “flip the frame” so that she is the one who injects it (video duration: 17 mins).

Part 18: Inspection – This part is all about the dating stage of your relationship with a girl. Christian explains some of the broader concepts of dating and in particular the way to address that pre-dating stage where the girl is feeling you out, or inspecting you. There is a lot of focus in this section of the program about embracing the uncertainty of what’s to come and having fun with the process, rather than trying to rush the process to achieve a final goal or objective (video duration: 13 mins).

Part 19: The First Date – Christian walks through the mechanics of setting-up a first date, from what the ideal day of the week to arrange it, to the perfect first date activities and answers the dreaded question of “should you pay?”. There’s also an in-depth discussion on what to do when you meet, the topics of conversations which are winners, the questions you can ask, creating sexual tension, seeding the next date, and the all-important post-date follow-up. Second date tips are also covered (video duration: 33 mins).

Part 20: The Social Date – In this segment, Christian describes the ideal social date or as he refers to it “date 2.5.” He explains how a get together with your friends with a new girl can see a lot of things go wrong, but on the flip side can also be one that is wildly successful in furthering your relationship. For this reason Christian goes through the mechanics on how you can set up a rewarding social date (video duration: 5 mins).

Part 21: The Sex Date – When it’s finally time to take things to the next level, Christian provides a step-by-step guide on how to pull-off dinner and a movie at your place. From arrival, dinner preparation, movie, and post-movie Christian covers all the important aspects of the sex date. There are a lot of tips on how to ramp up the sexuality during the evening and above-all there’s a lot of focus on enjoying each others company and the sensuality of the evening, rather than concentrating solely on the “end game” (video duration: 21 mins).

Part 22: Intimacy – In this final stage Christian discusses the 2-6 weeks period from when a couple go from dating to being “officially” boyfriend and girlfriend. There are a lot of tips and “Do’s and Don’ts” in this section, from not making the mistake post-sex of assuming that she’s your girlfriend, to making sure that you gradually bring her into your world and making a deeper connection with one another (video duration: 14 mins)

Part 23: Conclusion – In this final segment, Christian provides some closing thoughts on the material covered in the course and what becoming an obsession-worthy man is all about (video duration: 4 mins).


“You Get What You Give And Like Attracts Like.”

GFAS V1 is to a large extent a condensed presentation of the rebooted latest version of the Girlfriend Activation System. The course is composed of an approximately 6 hour seminar Christian conducted and includes access to what is referred to as Group Coaching Calls.

There is obviously some crossover between the course content of GFAS V1 and GFAS V2, but there are still a lot of areas covered in greater detail from one version to the other. The primary differences between the two programs lies with GFAS V2 going into much greater depth of the ‘Obsession Story” and featuring a number of additional guest speakers who all provide their own perspectives based on their particular field of expertise.  GFAS V2 also has much better “production quality” than version 1.0 for the more “techie” men out there.

Girlfriend System V1 Video Seminar

Part 1: Being The Obvious Choice – Christian tells everyone a little about himself and gives an overview of the course. He then goes into detail about the overriding key to getting an awesome and committed girlfriend; being the obvious choice. The need for guys to change their dating mindset is also discussed in terms of embracing challenges, risk and overcoming your fears.

Part 2: A Relationship-Ready Mind – In this part, Christian explains the link that having the mindset of being a relationship ready guy and being an awesome guy in general has with being better with women and getting into a relationship with them. Crucial to this is the values and beliefs you take into the world and the distinction between good guys, nice guys and bad guys is made. In short, girls want good guys!

Part 3: Unforgettable First Impressions – This section is all about the importance of making that good first impression when meeting girls, particularly when they already know you’re a good guy. Christian talks in depth about guys needing to have a sense of the type of girls they want to meet and putting themselves in the best possible light that that a girl want to be a part of. He reveals a number of social secrets which are invaluable in exactly how to go about making that important and powerful first impression.

Part 4: Fearless Approaching – In this segment, Christian defers to Nick Sparks who explains three specific techniques that are successful when guys see a random woman that they want to meet and who has taken their eye. As the title suggests, it’s all about being bold and fearless in that initial approach.

Part 5: Dating to Sex – Christian provides in-depth advice and tips on the crucial steps a guy should take after you’ve met a girl and start dating. He goes through step-by-step details of the first few texts you should send, the first date, ongoing texting and the next few dates. Some common mistakes guys make leading up to taking the relationship to a sexual level are discussed. This section is all about how you bring a girl into your world, getting her invested in you and involving yourself in her life.

Part 6: Sex to Girlfriend – By his own admission, Christian described this next section as the one most fraught with danger where all your previous good work can become undone. He walks guys through date 2.5 and beyond. The important time where you introduce a girl to your friends and hers with you and proceed to sex. In this part, Christian outlines the ideal strategy to take it to the next level.
Group Coaching Calls

The Group Coaching Call is an audio presentation from Christian which goes into greater detail of what he touches on during the seminar which is activating a girls “Obsession Story”. This is based on literotica novels and the special traits in a guy that girls obsess over. In the hour-long presentation, Christian goes through the four different phases of the Obsession Story and gives specific examples of how you can exhibit those traits in your interactions with women.

The SM Members Community

“You Will Find Yourself Reflected In The Eyes Of An Absolutely Amazing Woman.”

All of the course material for the Girlfriend Activation System is available online via a private member’s area and dashboard which is accessible once the checkout process for the course has been completed. This allows users to be able to access the program from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

One great advantage to the private member’s area is the access that is available to a range of forums relevant to the courses offered by Christian and his team. These forums are completely private and accessible only by you and others who have purchased the Girlfriend Activation System, or other programs. You will join a community of like-minded guys and can navigate the same issues together.

There are currently three separate forums:

General Discussion – a forum for general questions, tips, stories, and adventures that has over 2,500+ topics and 10,00 separate posts.

Text Messaging – a place to post your texting exchanges with girls that you’re keen to share due to their success, or perhaps you’re stuck with a girl and need some help from other members.

Client Feedback and Reviews – provides an area where you can either provide your own feedback, or look at other member’s feedback and reviews of other products and programs offered by Christian’s company.

If you need specific advice related to one of the parts of the course, there is a comments section available for each section where you can post and Christian will personally provide you with specific feedback on any individual issues you may be having.

For those men who really want to kick it into high gear and supercharge their fortunes with the ladies, there’s also an area in the member’s section where you can complete a form expressing your interest in participating in the fee-based “Fearless Bootcamp,” which is a 4-day intensive group coaching program involving social training workshops and real-life practical missions, led by none other than Nick Sparks.

There is also a Private Messaging feature within the member’s area, so that if you want to take a particular issue off the boards, or respond to someone directly, this feature will allow for you to do so.

The Ten Code

“When You Stop Trying To Find The Right Girl And Start Becoming The Right Guy, Then The Right Girl Will Find Her Way To You.”

Those who buy the program, not only obtain unlimited access to both versions of the Girlfriend Activation System and bonus programs, but also 14-days FREE access to The Ten Code.

The Ten Code is a separate course that runs for 12 months that reveals the secret code of men who are “10’s” and teaches guys how to become THAT guy who girls are instantly attracted to and want to be with. It builds on all the personality traits taught in the Girlfriend Activation System, providing a more in-depth look at what it takes to be the best guy you can be.

The content of The Ten Code comes in a range of multimedia formats, including video, audio and text presentations. Each monthly program is divided into six sections with separate content provided for each of the following:

● A separate video presentation for each of the three different types of values (primary, passive, and active) as taught in the GFAS V2.

Texting Transcript – Christian provides analysis and commentary on a real-life texting transcript between guys and girls, pointing out those areas where the guy has done well and in those cases where they haven’t. There’s lots of advice and tips provided for each exchange.

Bonus Material: A separate video presentation addressing one particular character trait, or aspect of dating.

Ten Life – An audio interview between Christian and other well-renowned dating coaches and socially-savvy individuals.

A brief review summary of each month of the Ten Code can be found below:

Month 1: The Winner’s Edge – In the first month’s program, the focus is on how to have fun when talking to girls, unearthing the root of your beliefs and values, and improving your sexuality. The bonus presentation is on “Club Game;” the mechanics of meeting girls at a nightclub and how to get noticed and make connections. The final component of month one is an interview Christian has with Nick Sparks.

Month 2: The Gentle Giant – In this part of the course, the spotlight is on taking full and complete responsibility for the outcomes in your life, using your knowledge and wisdom to the benefit of a girl who asks for it and making her feel safe through your tenderness. In other words, distinguishing yourself from the guy who only pretends to be a “10.” The bonus presentation is a repeat of the “Art of Seduction” video workshop which is also included as one of the bonus programs with the Girlfriend Activation System (see below for details). This month, Christian interviews Jason Capital who featured in GFAS V2.

Month 3: The Team Captain – Month 3 deals with those critical qualities that distinguish a leader from a follower. Guys are taught how to take responsibility for both themselves and others, developing connections and being open and outgoing with the girls they meet while also being receptive to them opening up to you. Christian features in the bonus presentation teaching the tools required to be fearless when approaching women and starting conversations with them. Finally, he interviews Greg Greenway, of Social Circle Training fame, the undisputed expert of social circle engineering.

Month 4: The Prize – The focal points of this section revolve around:

○ developing your reserve or strength you can call upon in moments of doubt, fear and pressure;
○ the importance of relieving stress, exercising creativity through your pursuits and hobbies. In other words, being passionate about things; and
○ keeping an element of mystery about yourself and use it as a form of playfulness in your relationships.

This module is designed to develop a guy into being a prize. To be that someone that women will want to chase and experience your interests with you, while safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the requisite willpower to call upon when required. In this month’s exclusive interview, Christian speaks with dating coach, Rob Judge.

Month 5: The “Branson” – English billionaire, Sir. Richard Branson is the inspiration for this month’s program, where guys are taught how to generate confidence through giving to the people in their life and how to avoid making mistakes from a financial perspective. Flirting is the topic of the bonus presentation with Christian providing tips on how to build attraction and confidence through this ancient art. Bobby Rio, recognized for his ability to help timid men in their interactions with women, is this month’s interview subject.

Month 6: Red Pill vs. Blue Pill – Social dynamics is the focus of this particular program with the course content designed to have you looking at your professional and personal life in a completely new way while grounded in reality and humility. The bonus program this month relates to “implied investment” based on the premise that the things we value, we invest in and are more attracted to. Christian teaches a number of techniques on how you can improve your value. The special guest on the couch this month is Rich LaRuina, London-based entrepreneur, author and dating coach.

Month 7: A Bite Of The Apple – In this month’s material guys are given the techniques that are designed to take their charisma and life in general to a new level. The programs concentrate on strategies you can use to develop a vision (and achieving it), teaching techniques to allow you to take ownership of your life and provides a recap on the keys to being assertive. Intent is the subject of the bonus presentation and Christian looks at the relationship between intent and influencing people. In this month’s interview, Christian speaks with fellow dating guru Josh Pellicer.

Month 8: 007 Cool – Lessons in how to be cool like James Bond is the focus of this month’s program. Included are tips on how to remain composed in the face of obstacles which are thrown your way (both in life and in your relationships) and how to avoid being a slave to your emotions and instead focus on being laidback. Style and aesthetics are the other focus this month with Christian providing an in-depth look on styles which are timeless and how to put together an outfit that will make you confident and have people looking at you. Christian also interviews author, Adam Gilad, mentor and coach to both the sexes.

Month 9: Pimp Your Personality – The secrets to guys overcoming their anxiety when interacting with women are revealed this month, along with how you can develop charisma in your daily life and discovering the right way to challenge girls. To top it off, tips are provided on how to make your home or apartment both inviting and relaxing. This month’s guest interview subject is Alex Allman who was one of the guest presenters in GFAS V2.

Month 10: A Hero’s Journey – This month’s focus in on making your life an exciting adventure by discovering your purpose in life. Suggestions are made on how you can do this and plan adventures that will amaze girls. Christian reveals the secret formula of giving a compliment to a woman the right way and one of his former alumni addresses the common problem of “stalling” during conversation. In this month’s interview, Christian sits down with entrepreneur and dating coach Zach Browman.

Month 11: Irresistible Power – In the penultimate series of The Ten Code, guys are taught to align their values with their actions and seven playful techniques to improve your attractiveness with members of the opposite sex. The often overlooked issue of a person’s diet is also addressed. Brad Howard, fitness coach and one of the brains behind the Adonis Index.

Month 12: Reality – In the final month of the course, the impetus is on being passionate about the people and things in your life while being a genuine guy that stands out from those who try and fake their way through life and their relationships. Christian also provides an insight into his personal exercise regimen and provides tips on how you can transform exercise into something you look forward to and embrace in your life.

At the end of the 14-day trial period, an ongoing monthly fee is charged with content drip-fed every few days. You can cancel the course at any time either via phone or email and you will continue to have access to the remainder of the Girlfriend Activation System. As an alternative, you can make payment of the entire course cost up-front and obtain immediate access to the entire Ten Spot program.

Bonus Programs

“Nothing Is More Arousing For A Woman Than To Be Desired By A Guy She Values.”

The Girlfriend Activation System comes with a number of complimentary bonus programs which reinforce and supplement the course material from GFAS V1. To say that the course comes with “a number” of bonuses is actually an understatement, as there is a whopping 17 separate programs included!! This additional insight from Christian, his team, and special guests are provided in a mixture of video, audio and text format which on their own could be comfortably packaged into a separate program and offered for a similar price.

GFAS bonus programs are divided into three separate packages as follows:

1. The Confidence Package

The Social Matrix – a 10 page downloadable document designed to provide guys with a deeper understanding of the “social matrix,” that vast network of relationships amongst human beings and how they form and evolve.

Assertive Approaching – A 1 hour 33 minute audio program (with accompanying text notes) which goes into great depth on developing the skills to approach women and how they can overcome any approach-anxiety they may have. Included are a number of techniques and exercises that guys can use to improve their skills.

Complete Confidence Hypnosis – A 4-step subliminal hypnosis program containing 6 separate audio tracks which are designed to improve a guy’s confidence. Detailed instructions on how to use the course are included.

When You Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough – The Executive Director of the biggest dating academy in Asia, David Tian PhD, features in a workshop on the importance of identifying, acknowledging and controlling your emotions and feelings in the context of being rejected by a girl (video duration: 23 minutes).

The Ten Spot – Dating coach, Fran Anderson, joins Christian on the couch for this where they explain everything you need to know to start becoming a “10,” someone girls are instantly attracted to and instantly recognize as a top guy (video duration: 1 hour, 4 minutes).

2. The Seduction Package

Endless Conversations – a video presentation (with text notes and downloadable handout) featuring Christian who goes into detail of how to build rapport with a woman and the simple techniques that a guy can use to gain the confidence and ability to talk to anyone about anything (video duration: 51 minutes).

The Art of Seduction – In this video segment, Christian illustrates how you can get a girl turned on when you are on a date, get them back to your place, arouse them further, get them into the bedroom and what you should do when you get them there (video duration: 1 hour, six minutes).

The Coffee Shop Drill – In this video program, Christian describes a simple exercise that guys can do that will help them become more attentive and focussed on other people and intuitive to visual cues (video duration: 4 mins, 30 seconds).

The Bombing Opener – A video presentation with Christian gives a detailed account of how guys can get attraction from a woman within 60 seconds or less. He reveals one particular tested and successful “bombing opener” that is designed to ensure you make an amazing first impression (video duration: 19 minutes).

Holiday Hookups – A special audio presentation where Christian explains exactly how to prep for an amazing New Year’s eve, including how to make friends and make a move on a girl. A 15 minute downloadable NYE mixtape and a 1 hr 25 min track of DJ mixes is also included (audio presentation duration: 47 mins).

Friends Into Lovers – David Tian PhD features in this video workshop where he reveals how a guy can deal with the issue of when they find themselves in the dreaded “friends” zone with a woman, but want more than just a platonic relationship. David teaches 3 separate techniques of how to deal with such an issue and how to handle the situation where a guy is interested in a girl, but she already has a boyfriend (duration: 57 minutes).

Sexual Texting – In this program Christian discusses some of the tools and techniques that guys can use to bring out a girl’s naughtiest side through text messaging. There are notes with many of the examples presented during the program which can also be printed for easy reference (video duration: 9 minutes).

The Frame Control Bible – A 39 page “bible” by Nick Sparks on how to influence a person’s frame of mind and their interpretation of the world. From how to develop a strong and attractive frame yourself, to a hands-on guide on how to pass every test thrown at you by a woman, the Frame Control Bible has it all.

The Model Challenge Screen – An 8 page downloadable program where Christian preps guys on how to talk and flirt with models. Christian also shares some invaluable thoughts and details on the “inside world” of modelling that will help in priming your technique to approach and converse with models.

The Breathtaking Hello – This is a 5 page printable program which is designed to show guys how to gain the attention of a girl by using a series of fun, witty and natural conversation starters for just about every situation. The examples can be used verbatim, or used as inspiration for your own creative lines.

3. The Relationship Package

Lustworthy Sex – This bonus program comes in the form of an audio presentation by Christian who takes a revealing look at sex, sexuality and vulnerability with the ultimate aim to help guys become a better lover (duration: 1 hour, 6 mins).

7 Commandments of Dating 9’s and 10’s – The final bonus program is another audio presentation from Christian where he discusses the 7 commandments of having a relationship with an exceptionally beautiful woman. There are a number of challenges and issues that a guy needs to be mindful of and deal with when dating women at the high-end of the “looks spectrum.” A summary of the commandments are also supplied which can be printed for future reference (duration: 43 mins).

Benefits of the Girlfriend Activation System

The Girlfriend Activation System is nothing like a traditional PUA course which typically has the sole aim of teaching guys how to seduce women and bed them. There are certainly many techniques that are shown in the course that focus on that aspect, but the program as a whole looks more broadly at teaching guys to challenge themselves to become the men they want to be.

What Christian refers to regularly during the GFAS course is that “the quality of women in a man’s life is a reflection of the quality of man that he is”. In short, by finding their own value, guys will automatically attract women who have similar value. So the course is ultimately designed for those men who want to attract high-caliber women and pursue a long-term relationship with them.

While targeted for those guys who are looking to improve their success with the ladies and to get a girlfriend, the methods Christian teaches are designed to genuinely transform all areas of a man’s life. By the end of the course you will be able to adapt and utilize the tools you have been left with to impact your daily relationships with family members, work colleagues and random strangers, male and female. It will also trickle down to positively impact your career, your finances and your future, by having you take ownership of your life and have you recognize that you are the sole creator of your destiny.

The course is suitable for any guy, regardless of their age. Whether a guy is just starting out in the dating game and working their way up, or they are socially savvy and have had their share of girlfriends before, then the course can work for you regardless. Even for those guys who may have some bad habits, tendencies, or beliefs towards women, this course will give them the tools needed to reassess their life and find the woman of their dreams.

There are guys on the forum who bought the course to improve their marriages and they are glowing in their praise of the wonders it has done for their relationships, so the course really is suited for any guy.

In a similar vein, the Girlfriend Activation System is designed to work on girls that you may already know, or have a crush on, and also those random strangers on the street or in a nightclub who catch your eye.

There is a significant amount of content available in the Girlfriend Activation System course on its own, before you even get to the bonus programs and The Ten Code. There is 10 hours’ worth of video content in GFAS V2 alone, making it extremely comprehensive, loaded with tips, demonstrations and techniques to better yourself and your interactions with women.

Christian conveys the information, tips and techniques in a very deliberate and detailed manner. The step-by-step, structured nature of the course makes it easy to follow and adopt the various techniques taught during the various modules.

Above all, Christian is very engaging and is an excellent communicator. Unlike some of the less reputable dating coaches, who come across as ego driven and brag about past conquests, Christian is very quick to point out his own past deficiencies and the troubled times he has gone through. He shares the lessons he has learnt and what he teaches is very relatable. All of his teachings are put into context so that you know the background on why it works and allows you to react accordingly in any given situation.

The SM Members Community and forums ensures that you have an ongoing support network following the conclusion of the course. Help is literally only a click away. The forum area currently has close to 90,000 active members allowing you and other members to bounce ideas off one another on how things are going or any issues you might be having with a particular girl. You can open a thread, ask questions, get feedback on proposed texts, and learn from the mistakes others have gone through.

The forums and site are well moderated by the coaches and staff. The fact that you’re not left on your own devices at the conclusion of the course is one of the great advantages to the Girlfriend Activation System compared to many of its competitors.

The free trial membership to The Ten Code gives you an opportunity to trial the course for 14 days to just how Christian expands on many of the techniques taught in GFAS V2. The course itself is extremely in-depth and would be of value to any guy, not only those looking for a top-notch girlfriend The trial is no obligation and can be cancelled at any time.

There are no ongoing costs associated with the program. Lifetime updates and access to all of the course content is provided to the private member’s area for the one low up-front fee. A 2-day seminar with a coach of Christian’s caliber would cost a few thousand dollars (at a minimum) and that’s without even taking into account the bonus programs and free 14-day trial of The Ten Code.

A no questions asked, 365-day money back guarantee comes standard with the course. That’s right, you have an entire year to use the program and measure its success while having the option of obtaining an immediate refund should it not be considered suitable for any reason. Looking at other online dating advice programs, none of them offer a warranty of this duration. Christian has unbridled confidence in what he is teaching and why wouldn’t he given that he’s living proof of its success?

All of the video content contained in the course, the bonus programs and The Ten Code can be downloaded in audio form. This is ideal for anyone who may find it difficult to take the time to sit down and watch all the video and who may prefer to listen to it on their daily commute or while they’re working out.

Does The Girlfriend Activation System Work? Things To Consider

At this point in this GFAS system review, you’re probably wondering, “Does the Girlfriend Activation System actually work?”  It really does, and countless GFAS reviews and customer testimonials attest to that.  However, here are some things you should consider before deciding if you should get Christian’s Girlfriend System:

If you’re looking for a course that you can finish off in the hour before you head-off to a club, expecting to land yourself that amazing girlfriend, it’s quite likely you may be disappointed. It’s not a quick fix system that will transform your dating life and prospects in less than 30 seconds, or even a few hours.

As already noted, there is a significant amount of information contained in the course, but it is important to balance that with the knowledge that the course covers a wide range of topics, from meeting a girl to when she becomes your girlfriend and everything in between.

Similarly, if you’re interested only in tips and techniques with the sole aim of using them to “score,” then there are probably other programs out there that may be more suited to your goals. The Girlfriend Activation System is designed for those guys who want to obtain personal growth and learn an authentic way to attract high-value women and develop a meaningful, long-term relationship with them.

As Christian mentions during the program “you get what you give,” and it will take some effort on your part to get some results. For example, there may be some aspects of the course that at the outset feel unnatural, such as overcoming anxiety to confidently approach women. And while the course gives guys all the tools they need to overcome approach-anxiety, Christian can’t make you get up off the couch and put the techniques into practice. You have to want to put in the effort.

Completing the course and hiring a team of bodyguards to fend off unwanted advances from the masses of women throwing themselves at you as you walk down the street, is going to be an unrealistic outcome. A big part of what Christian teaches is personal responsibility and taking control of any given situation. So at the end of the day you will only get from the program what you’re willing to put into it.

It’s important to remember that if you are not interested in continuing with The Ten Code after the free 14-day trial period, then you need to cancel it to avoid additional charges. The process of cancelling the course is straightforward, but if you do nothing your membership will continue and you will be billed for it.

Where To Buy The Girlfriend Activation System

The cost of the Girlfriend Activation System is currently $67.  That includes the best discount, the 365 day money back guarantee, all bonus programs, and all future updates for free.  To get this deal, click here to watch Christian’s Girlfriend Activation System video.  If you don’t want to watch the video, you can also purchase GFAS directly through this link.

Don’t Die Wondering, “What if…”

“Give Yourself The Gift Of The Best Life That You Can Live, To Become The Best Guy You Can Be.”

sexy and fit female

Take action and you can have the girlfriend you want!

If you’re still here reading this review and haven’t already ordered the course, then you are to be congratulated for making it this far. There’s a lot of material in this review, but that’s only because there’s a lot of material in the course and bonus programs themselves. If you were to look in the dictionary for “under promise and over deliver” it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a picture of Christian H. The Girlfriend Activation System is the most comprehensive program on the market which successfully teaches guys to become better men and find a high-quality girlfriend.

Unlike other dating coaches, Christian teaches qualities for prolonged relationships. Its success lies in the 90,000-odd members of The SM Members Community and it is being hailed as the most comprehensive and effective program online that teaches men how to get a girlfriend.

The Girlfriend Activation System deserves strong consideration for any guy who finds themselves struggling to find the right woman and is tired of the women they meet coming up short. You only have one life and no one should settle for less than the best. Miss. Fantastically Awesome is waiting out there for you, so get your car out of the garage and take it for a spin. Thanksgiving dinners with the family will never be the same again, all because in one single spark of brilliance, you decided to take action today.

(Want to skip the video?  Click here instead.)

How To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Without Medication

man disappointed by erectile dysfunction

A supportive partner is small consolation when you can’t perform the way you want to.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve and sustain an erection in order to have sexual intercourse, and it affects more men than you might think.

According to WebMD, a study by the National Institutes of Health found that around 5% of men aged 40, and as many as 25% of men aged 65 or over, suffer from erectile dysfunction on a long term basis.

Many more men suffer from ED on the odd occasion.  This is often the result of being over-tired or drinking too much (sometimes referred to as “brewer’s droop”).

WebMD goes on to say that failure to achieve an erection on less than 20% of occasions is not considered a problem, but if this figure rises to over 50%, then some form of treatment is considered necessary. With many men, this means taking a pill such as Viagra.

However, Viagra and other medications commonly have side effects. UK chemist chain Lloyds Pharmacy reports that as many as one in ten men will suffer nausea and/or headache, and between one in ten and one in a hundred may have a stuffy nose, indigestion, red rashes on the face, blurred or blue-tinted vision, and dizziness. While the risk is described as rare, or very rare, it can also lead to a stroke or heart attack.

So what else can be done to correct ED without resorting to Viagra or similar substances?

Here are some suggestions to help cure erectile dysfunction without medication.

If you are overweight, losing some of the excess is a very good start. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start going to the gym. Simply walking two miles every day helps burn off the calories. According to Medical Daily, men with a 42” waist are 50% more likely to suffer from ED than men with a 32” waist.

It is also a very good idea to reduce the intake of alcohol, especially if you are a heavy drinker. There is no doubt that alcohol can affect performance in the bedroom, especially if you drink to excess over long periods.

Kegel exercises can help improve bladder control, and according to the Mayo Clinic may improve sexual performance. These exercises are simple to do, and can be done anywhere – even while driving or sitting on the couch watching TV.  According to a study in 2005, three months of kegel exercises twice daily, combined with such things as losing weight, reducing alcohol intake, and quitting smoking, significantly improved performance for men with ED.

Ginseng, known as the “herbal Viagra” has also been found to improve performance. The root of ginseng is steamed and then dried, which produces red ginseng. According to this study in 2008, random clinical tests provided evidence of the effectiveness of red ginseng in improving ED.

Eating watermelon may also help improve sexual performance. An amino acid called citrulline is found in high concentrations in watermelon, and has been found to improve blood flow to the penis.

A study involving watermelon juice was carried out in Italy in 2011 on a small group of men. 50% of these men reported they were very satisfied with the results, and measurements taken proved that their erectile hardness had improved from a score of three to a score of four (full hardness).  More recently, a new dietary protocol has proven very effective at curing erectile dysfunction without medication.

As with any course of action, natural or not, it is always a good idea to check with your personal doctor before implementing any changes to your current erectile dysfunction treatment regimen.  This helps ensure whatever method you choose to treat your ED will be both safe and effective.

Reverse My Tinnitus Review – Alan Watson And Dr. James Phillips Claim Permanent Relief From Ringing In The Ears

reverse my tinnitus ebook

The Reverse My Tinnitus PDF is available for download from Dr. James Phillips and Alan Watson’s My Tinnitus Solution website.

The following Reverse My Tinnitus review examines the new tinnitus remedy from Alan Watson and Dr. James Phillips.  Reverse My Tinnitus is a downloadable PDF ebook that contains Watson and Phillips’ dietary protocol for eliminating tinnitus.

With a host of recent reviews and testimonials proclaiming its effectiveness, the Reverse My Tinnitus ebook and corresponding treatment protocol deserves strong consideration from all tinnitus sufferers still looking for a way to permanently stop ringing in the ears.

Tinnitus affects millions of people each day who are forced to live with painful and extremely irritating ringing in the ears.  When the communication from the inner ear to the brain is disrupted, the end result can be a disturbance that causes chirping, buzzing, ringing, and whistling sounds heard from within.

When Dr. James Phillips and Alan Watson created the Reverse My Tinnitus program, they had no idea how much attention they were going to draw from the medical world and tinnitus sufferers worldwide.  While the claims of just another miracle product were being broadcast by the pharmaceutical world, people desperate for a cure to their problem were saying just the opposite.

How could the Reverse My Tinnitus program reverse the effects of tinnitus permanently?

The reason this program works, senior sound engineer Alan Watson needed to find a cure for his worsening tinnitus condition, and he collaborated with ENT specialist Dr. James Phillips to find a cure.  The program they went on to develop did more than simply mask the condition like so many other guides, programs, and treatments recommend.

One of the most popular treatments for treating tinnitus is to simply place a white-noise device near the bed to mask, or cover-up the sounds at night.  How is this supposed to do anything more than prolong the inevitable?  The Reverse My Tinnitus guide was developed from the place of attacking the problem at the source and eliminating the symptoms forever.

The scientific research that went into the Reverse My Tinnitus ebook was a combination of years of collaboration between two specialists in the related fields.  Alan Watson was committed to finding a solution that was all natural, and worked on eliminating the issue at the source rather than providing temporary relief.

This unique approach to dealing with tinnitus went to work on the root cause of tinnitus, repairing the damaged myelin sheath that protects the nerve endings in the inner ear.  This fatty layer protects the nerves, allowing crystal clear communication between the ear and the brain, and any damage will result in a disruption to the transfer of information causing the hissing, buzzing, ringing sounds that are typical with tinnitus.

When Dr. James Phillips sat with Alan Watson to explain the process can be reversed by introducing a type of antibody into the system, this was a real game changer for this industry.  He went on to explain that although this antibody is already being produced naturally, the production can be significantly impacted by certain foods that are being consumed.

The clinical studies conducted by Dr. Phillips showed that this vital antibody can easily be triggered by simply increasing the consumption of certain foods like eggs, beef, and beans in a systematic way.  The medical world as a whole have not been forthcoming with this information for whatever reason, and pharmaceutical companies stand to make billions this year by making sure the problem is masked rather than cured.

The Reverse My Tinnitus program is a culmination of the desperate need for a solution to the symptoms of this painful disease and the scientific breakthrough regarding an all natural cure.  The systematic step-by-step guide takes readers on a journey through the foods they need to avoid that are limiting the production of the antibody, to how to transform their diets so they produce it in abundance.

Within two weeks of implementing these strategies, tinnitus sufferers will begin to see an improvement in their conditions.  The information provided in the guide will not only reduce the symptoms, it will go on to provide permanent relief.

Since the release of the Reverse My Tinnitus program, over 105,302 people who suffered with ringing of the ears in one degree or another have found permanent relief from those symptoms.  The techniques developed in the guide are backed by the research conducted by a team of doctors that studied the disease in a top five research facility in England.

Regardless if a patient was told by a physician the condition is incurable, or has been living with the condition their entire life, the all natural techniques discussed in the guide have had astounding positive results.  By focusing on repairing the cochlea nerve, the patient can forgo those masking techniques that are intended to only lessen the severity of the pain.  Repairing the nerve with resources the body already manufactures was a break-through this industry has desperately needed.

Now the world appears to be listening, as the Journal of Neuroscience has recently confirmed that damage to the myelin sheath will in fact alter the auditory signals to the brain.  This is exactly the foundation for the Reverse My Tinnitus program, and the reason hundreds of thousands of people have gone on to eliminate tinnitus from their lives.

Tinnitus sufferers now have an alternative to surgery, masking therapy, and dangerous prescription medication.  By utilizing the all natural procedures laid out by Dr. James Phillips and Alan Watson in the Reverse My Tinnitus guide, people can repair inner ear damage from within and live a life free from the hissing, buzzing, ringing, and chirping, that currently consumes them each and every day.

This Reverse My Tinnitus review was last updated on 1-23-2015.

What Is Tinnitus And How Do You Get It?

What Is Tinnitus?

man depressed about his tinnitus

Tinnitus affects not only your hearing, but also your overall quality of life.

Tinnitus, often referred to as “ringing in the ears”, is a common condition that results in aural sensations such as humming, buzzing, or whistling of varying volume.  Occasionally, this may synchronize with the pulse, creating a ‘beat’.  This is referred to as pulsatile tinnitus.

Web MD states that approximately 50 million adults in the USA experience tinnitus.  In most cases, however, it is a mild annoyance rather than a severe condition.

In the worst cases, tinnitus can cause sleep deprivation and can affect concentration.  This can have corresponding negative effects on family life, work responsibilities, and overall quality of life.  As a result, mental health issues such as stress or depression often develop in patients suffering from tinnitus.

What Causes Tinnitus?

The most common causes of tinnitus include age related hearing loss, which usually begins around the age of 60, and prolonged exposure to loud noises.  The latter is common in musicians, carpenters, and other professions commonly associated with loud machinery or heavy stereo systems.

Loud noise over a long period of time often damages hair cells in the inner ear and disrupts the transmission of sound from the inner ear to the brain.  This “noise interference” is often experienced as buzzing, hissing, and crackling.

Natural occurrences within the ear may also contribute to tinnitus, such as earwax blockage or changes to the ear’s bone structure.  Earwax is essential for keeping the ear canal protected from dirt and bacteria.  However, sometimes too much can amass, causing a blockage.  This can cause irritation within the ear and can prevent clear hearing, both of which can lead to tinnitus.

In less common situations, tinnitus may be caused by underlying health conditions or disorders.  The Mayo Clinic suggests that tinnitus could be an early indicator of Meniere’s disease.  This is a disorder that affects the inside of the ear and is caused by abnormal fluid pressure.

Temperomandibular joint disorders may also cause tinnitus due to the effects they have on your jaw and skull and their proximity to the ear. Similarly, head or neck injuries can be a factor as trauma can affect the surrounding nerves and brain functionality.

Blood pressure irregularity can increase the likelihood of tinnitus or make existing tinnitus more noticeable.  This can be reduced by cutting back on caffeine and alcohol.

Tinnitus can also develop as a side effect to a number of medications, including treatments for cancer, such as mechlorethamine, diuretics including furosemide and ethacrynic acid, quinine medications used for illnesses like malaria, aspirin, antibiotics, and certain antidepressants.

Coping With Tinnitus

Those diagnosed with tinnitus may not be at risk of harm and may find the condition improves without intervention.  However, there are ways to make it more bearable for those who don’t want to wait and see if the condition improves on its own.

If the tinnitus is caused by a pre-existing health condition or blockage, combating the condition itself will help eliminate or reduce the unwanted noise.  For example, ear irrigation is a simple process involving a high pressure rinse of the ear and can be helpful in removing excess build up of wax.

Sound therapy is another option that can help reduce the effects of tinnitus.  The humming associated with tinnitus is often more noticeable in a quiet environment.  Sound therapy aims to project quiet, nature-oriented sounds (ocean waves for example) to distract the user from the sounds of tinnitus.

Lastly, the NHS suggests cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  Although usually associated with mental health disorders, CBT can also be applied to tinnitus by helping sufferers change the way they view their condition.  The goal is to help patients deal with tinnitus more positively, thereby preventing the condition from worsening.

How Alzheimer’s Affects The Brain

how alzheimer's affects the brain

How does Alzheimer’s affect the brain? (source:

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, over 5 million people in the United States currently suffer from Alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s is a common form of dementia, and is a degenerative illness that results in a loss of nerve cells and neurons over time.

As a result, most areas of the brain are affected.  However, the rate at which the brain degenerates can vary, meaning different sufferers of Alzheimer’s will have their own unique experiences with the condition.

There are certain attributes, however, that are commonly associated with Alzheimer’s.  These include things like changes to behavior, memory, and a person’s thought process.

The brain is made up of three sections, each with a unique set of responsibilities.  The hindbrain and midbrain are responsible for basic functions for life support, such as blood pressure.  The forebrain controls complex processes like memory and language skills.  The cerebral cortex is a thin area covering the forebrain’s surface that holds ten billion brain cells.  Below the cortex are fibers that transport information to other areas of the brain.

As Alzheimer’s develops, these tissues begin to shrink, meaning the information cannot be transported as effectively as usual.  In the early stages, the sufferer’s short-term memory will deteriorate, due to the cells in the hippocampus degenerating, and the ability to perform routine tasks may be hindered.  Once the disease reaches the cerebral cortex, thought processes will be affected, including judgement and language, and those with the disease may experience emotional outbursts or out of character behavior.

Patients may become obsessive, develop a phobia of change, or start to believe things that are untrue.  As Alzheimer’s disease advances further, more nerve cells will be destroyed, making any uncharacteristic actions more noticeable and raising the risk of wandering, confusion, or agitation.

During the final stages of the disease, it’s possible afflicted patients will lose the ability to speak, recognize others, feed themselves, or control bodily functions.  Their memory will deteriorate further and may be almost completely lost.  Ongoing, 24 hour per day care is usually required.

Alzheimer’s is thought to be terminal and those with the disease usually live 8 to 10 years after it develops.  However it has been known to last for up to 20 years in certain cases.

While Alzheimer’s itself may not be the direct cause of death, it is certainly a factor.  For example, NHS Choices states it is common for sufferers of the disease to die from illnesses such as pneumonia.  In many of these cases, the patient may not be able to fully express the fact they are unwell, or even realize it themselves.

There is currently no known cure for Alzheimer’s disease.  However, there are treatments available that can help make life more tolerable for those afflicted.

Medications such as donepezil, galantamine, and memantine can all help delay the effects of the disease, while occupational therapy can help patients create practical solutions to the problems caused by Alzheimer’s.  Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) may also be used to help reduce depression, anxiety, delusions, or other negative or uncharacteristic behavior that has occurred as a result of the disease.